Elizabeth Álvarez returns to soap operas as a villain

Elizabeth Alvarezafter more than three years away from the world of acting, came back at TV soaps and on this occasion she will play a villain, the actress confessed that she feels very excited about her new character.

During an interview for the program “Hoy” the actress revealed that she will be part of a new production by Juan Osorio, which will be called “La Herencia”.

On AmericanPost.News In the same way, we announced that Ángela Aguilar is ready to debut in a new Televisa telenovela, the same one that she will share with Elizabeth Alvarez.

Elizabeth Alvarez novels

The actress returns to soap operas after three years absent Elizabeth Álvarez returns to soap operas as the villain of the story

After a break in the world of entertainment, to dedicate herself to her children, the Mexican actress Elizabeth Álvarez assured that she is ready to return to soap operas.

“This professional part was already needed, that as a woman we are looking for a challenge as an actress and I think this is a super challenge for me,” she assured.

In the same way, he gave details of his role, which will play the role of villain of the new Televisa story:

“The character that they propose to me is the villain of this story, which I am very grateful for, because she is a beautiful character in every sense of the word,” she said.

Elizabeth assured that she is having a great time, in this facet as a professional and stated that she considers that it was the right time and that things were in her favor so that she would be part of the project.

Elizabeth Alvarez and her children

Elizabeth Álvarez returns to soap operas as the villain of the story

In turn, the wife of actor Jorge Salinas revealed that her return to acting is combining it with other jobs, as well as in her role as a mother.

“24/7 all the time with my children, working at home, with my husband, with my work on my YouTube channel, so a little of everything, I think you always have to try to find a balance, and it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible,” he said.

Elizabeth Alvarez He assured that his new work routine will not affect his children, since he affirms that they understand perfectly that their mother is working.

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