Elizabeth Gutiérrez breaks the silence: “I always wish the best for him, love, good health, happiness… with or without me”

Elizabeth Gutierrez He broke the silence in the program “Ojos de mujer”. There she talked about her situation with William Levy. She accepted that everything that has happened about her separation has generated many comments for and against, but not only from them, but also from her children, about which she has said:

William and I have always raised our children with love and respect, teaching them the best we can as parents. I will always thank him -William Levy- who supported me and continues to support me so that I can stay home, watch and be there for my children. There is no culprit in this situation. I am not happy about attacks on his person… I do not appreciate it, ”he asserted.

The following statement by the protagonist of “El Rostro de Analía” makes it clear that everything is over between her and William Levy, and this is the first time that she has openly accepted that they have problems and that it also seems that the relationship is not He has reparation: “He is the father of my children, the most important man. He the one he sees for our well-being every day. I always wish the best for him love, good health, happiness, with or without me.

Elizabeth affirms that neither William nor she will speak about their relationship, that the secrets of their relationship are non-negotiable: “Only he and I know everything we’ve been through, our truth as a couple and that’s where it’s going to stay with us.”

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