Elizabeth Gutiérrez responded bluntly to Jacky Bracamontes about “retaining” William Levy with her pregnancy

Elizabeth responded to the statements that Jacqueline Bracamontes made in her book about her and William Levy (Photos: Instagram)

After allegedly announcing their separation, Elizabeth Gutierrez Y William Levy They are still in the eye of the hurricane, because the actress decided to respond to the accusations that Jacqueline bracamontes did in his biographical book about the relationship with the Cuban.

In social networks Internet users took up the statements that Jacky Bracamontes did in his autobiographical book, because there he uncovered that he would have maintained a Romance with William Levy more than 10 years ago, when he was already married to Elizabeth and that the actress would have pregnant with the intention of keeping the protagonist of soap operas with her.

This information resurfaced because the actor posted on his Instagram account that he and his wife had decided end your marriagebut after a few seconds eliminated its temporal history.

In a conversation with Érika de la Vega for the podcast In self defenseGutiérrez defended himself and denied the accusations that Bracamontes made against him.

(Photo: Instagram @_elizabethgutierrez)
William Levy would have announced Elizabeth’s divorce, but he deleted his post after a few seconds (Photo: Instagram @_elizabethgutierrez)

“I have never talked about this because it has never interested me, really, and I choose what to answer. For me it is a lack of respect for both families, because why tell something like that. And I also think that if you are capable of thinking about it, it is because you are capable of doing it”

And it is that in her book The catwalk of my life, published in 2017, Jacqueline revealed that she had a romantic relationship with Levy during the recordings of Sortilege. She would have accepted this romance because the actor would have told her that he was separated from his wifealthough not divorced.

Soon after, William confessed to Jacky that his wife was pregnant by himnot only breaking his heart, but confirming that the marriage with Elizabeth was still standing.

Elizabeth confessed that the comments made by her colleague seemed inappropriate, mainly because they came from one woman to another. In addition, she would have made it look as if she needed to have a second child with her husband to “tie him up.”

Elizabeth Gutierrez William Levy Jacqueline Bracamontes
Gutiérrez said she was taken aback by Bracamontes’ comments (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

I have no need to tie any man. I only have two children, and if you’re wondering about that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two. Then ask her who needs to tie up who”, said the actress forcefully.

She also commented that before she knew about these statements by Bracamontes, she was her follower and admired her for her work. Unfortunately, she would have had to face her personally by assuring that she would have gotten pregnant with her with the intention of not separating from Levy.

“I admired that person. I thought she was an admirable person, a good woman. Unfortunately I got to know another side of herno one told me, I lived it, then later write a book and wants to look like a victim when he is not. Putting that part that I got pregnant, it makes me a little bit in bad taste, but well, nothing happens, I wish you all the happiness in the world, “she said.

Jacky has not made any statement about the controversy so far (Photo: Instagram/@jackybrv)
Jacky has not made any statement about the controversy so far (Photo: Instagram/@jackybrv)

The actress also assured that Jacqueline would not have understood the damage she was doing to her family by trying to start a relationship with William when she knew that he was already married, because the Mexican she did not have her husband and her five daughters then.

“I think that when you have a family, you realize the value of a family and at that time she had no family. I imagine that if someone behaves the way she behaved with my partner, I don’t think her current partner would like her (…) I feel that when you have a family you know how to value”, Gutierrez sentenced.


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