Elon Musk fires employees who wrote letter complaining about SpaceX’s toxic culture

Elon Musk has lately shown his strong hand towards the employees of his companies, and as an example is the firing of workers who wrote complaining about unfriendly environment at SpaceX.

The New York Times reported that SpaceX fired several employees after discovering that they had drafted and distributed a letter criticizing owner Elon Musk and asking company executives to be more inclusive.

The letter accused Musk of being a “distraction and embarrassment” to the company he founded, requesting that SpaceX be separated from the CEO’s personal brand. It also demanded to create an environment conducive to “hold all leaders equally accountable for making SpaceX a great place to work for everyone” and respond consistently to all forms of unacceptable behavior.

In this regard, the president of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, sent an email to staff saying that the company had investigated and fired the employees involved with the lettera.

The Verge released the content of the letter, which reads:

“Yesterday you may have received an unsolicited request from a small group of SpaceX employees for your signature on an “open letter” and your participation in a related survey. Based on the various comments from employees, this has upset many. In other words, the letter, the applications, and the overall process made employees feel uncomfortable, intimidated and harassed, and/or angry that the letter pressured them to sign something that did not reflect their views. Employees also complained that it interfered with their ability to focus and do their jobs. We have 3 launches within 37 hours for critical satellites this weekend, we have to support the astronauts we deliver to the ISS and get the Dragon payload back to flight readiness, and after receiving environmental clearance earlier this week, we are on the cusp of Starship’s first orbital launch attempt.

We request and expect our employees to report all concerns to their leadership, senior management, human resources, or legal. But blanketing thousands of people across the company with repeated unsolicited emails and asking them to sign letters and complete unsponsored surveys during business hours is not acceptable, goes against our documented manual policy, and doesn’t show the strong judgment needed. to work in this very challenging space transportation sector. We conducted an investigation and have terminated several employees involved.

I’m sorry for this distraction. Stay focused on the SpaceX mission and use your time at work to do your best work. This is how we will get to Mars.”

In recent days, Elon Musk has shown a strict hand with the staff. He recently sent a message to Tesla workers saying that if they did not show up for work at the office they could be dismissed.

On Twitter, he said in a video call to those who are not yet his employees, that will increase the metrics drastically and that there will be layoffs to improve the financial situation of the company.

this time SpaceX employees witnessed that Mr. Musk is the owner and does not tolerate conduct that is contrary to his interests.

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