Elon Musk to produce GigaBeer, Tesla’s new beer

Elon Musk will produce a beer from another world, the GigaBeer.

Photo: Maja Hitij / Getty Images

At the beginning of the month Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced at an event held in Germany that he would produce his own beer. The news was taken with reservations and some even thought it was a joke, but El Universal published that the news is a fact and that the trademark registration process has already been carried out.

His name will be GigaBeer (GigaBier in German), and will be packaged in a bottle out of the ordinary, with a style that reminds many of the design of the Cybertruck electric truck, and which is intended to be transported to Mars in the not too distant future.

“We will build a train station that leads directly to the Tesla factory in Germany. Once getting there, they will find a beer made by us to refresh themselves, ”Said Musk in Berlin, at an event that had the objective of making the public aware of the plant where Tesla will manufacture its electric cars for Europe.

According to the publication, the registration of the GigaBeer and GigaBier trademarks was carried out through a company named Starbase Brewing LLC, who officially discharged her in the name of Tesla.

On the Starbase website you can read that they are a microbrewery based in Texas, where Tesla has just moved its headquarters.

One of the goals of the company, according to it is read, is “to elaborate delicious beer, to promote science and sustainability and to develop new optimized brewing technologies. for the future of humanity in space”.

The company says they are established on Earth but that the beer “is made for Mars.”

“We are a company founded by engineers who love space and beer. Our passion is the colonization of Mars, so we look for safe ways to take beer out of this world, ”Says their page.

GigaBeer’s pricing and launch date is not yet known, but there is speculation that an online event will be held to unveil the product soon.

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