Elon Musk would join Angelina Jolie, and other famous people for Halloween at Dracula’s Castle in Bran, Romania

Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, along with Angelina Jolie and other mega-billionaires, would spend Halloween at Bran Castle.

Some of the world’s richest people, including Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and famous artists such as Angelina Jolie, will attend a VIP Halloween party at Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania. The castle was featured in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, although, historically speaking, there was no connection between the famous vampire and the picturesque structure.

According to the local newspaper ziare.com, the party will include Sergey Brin (founder of Google), Luke Nosek (co-founder of PayPal), Steve Jurvetson (founder of Hotmail and current board member of Space X), Larry Page (co-founder of Google), as well as several celebrities from the art world.

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, and billionaire Matt Danzeisen have arrived in Romania by private plane and checked into a luxury hotel in the capital.

The party would be organized by the owner of Bran Castle, Archduke Dominic von Habsburg.

According to another Romanian newspaper, gandul.ro, more than 200 important people have announced their participation in this event. This makes it probably the most important event of its kind in Romania. The title in Gandul.ro, suggested that the Tesla owner would have rented the castle for the event.

The event will be attended by business leaders, artists, producers, etc.

The guests would have been picked up from the official lounge and transported to a luxury hotel in the capital’s center, Bucharest.

According to mediaflux.ro, the organizers wanted to keep the event secret, but it leaked. On the link, you will see several celebrities traveling to their accommodation in Romania’s capital.

The updated list of celebrities already there

They were invited to Elon Musk’s Halloween party at Bran Castle and were already seen there:

  • Peter Thiel – Paypal and Palantir cofounder, billionaire
  • Matt Danzeisen – financial expert, Thiel’s partner
  • Julia Sandstrom – actress known for “Chick Fight” and “Show Me What You Got”
  • Gillian Jacobs – the actress known for “Don’t Think Twice,” “Walk of Shame,” and Netflix series “Love”
  • Adrian Grenier – the actor best known for his role in “Entourage.”
  • Jordan Roemmele – marketing manager, Adrian Grenier’s wife
  • Ovidiu Roma – CryptoDATA’s CEO
  • Elle Macpherson – supermodel, businesswoman, actress, known for Next Top Model and several covers of Sports Illustrated
  • One of Google’s founders (Brin or Page), the owner of Prato restaurant in Brasov, said.

Update 16: Authorities denied Elon Musk or Angelina Jolie had entered Romania during the weekend.

The party took place as we have described it from the beginning. Most local TV stations and websites said that Musk had come to the country and dined at a sheepfold in Poiana Brasov.

On Monday morning, Libertatea obtained confirmation from two officials from two separate MAI institutions that “Elon Musk did not enter Romania.” “Angelina Jolie did not enter Romania either,” one of them said. Both US citizens would have needed a visa, whichever way they came into Romania, to appear on the records of one of the country’s border crossings.

Eduard Irimia, a famous local promoter invited to the party, said he did not spot Elon Musk at Bran during the celebration. He stated: “The whole castle, all around, was, as a production, from the sounds, special effects, stunts, it looked just like a movie. Costumes, people involved in props, everything there looked like a story.”

He added, “The event was flawless. The organizers, knowing me and being their client, when they came in the last days of the organization, asked me if I could help them. Besides being invited, they asked me to help them with the helicopters because they had a lot of pressure on the transport, and there were a lot of confirmations in the last three days. And we had around 10-15 flights. Now there are a few more coming up, that is to say, many helicopters have left from Bucharest, from Băneasa, Bran, many helicopters that served these personalities.”

Several celebrities attended the celebrations and parties during the weekend in Brasov, Poiana Brasov, and Bran. The list with the real attendees is probably the one Cancan revealed on their website, and we cited it. That was from the Prato restaurant in downtown Brasov.

The list above includes people seen in person, with photos to prove their presence. The rest of the attendees from the restaurant seat list were harder to spot or recognize by locals.

Update 15: The party ended at around 4 AM local time

While the first appearances impressed everyone in attendance, and there was no shortage of bright and very well-thought-out costumes, the departures of all the Hollywood stars were treated to a proper ‘exit from the stage.’ The party ended at 4:00 am when the first guests left Bran Castle.

Upon departure, all those who accepted the invitation of billionaire Elon Musk headed for the cars in which they arrived at the location in Bran. While some kept their outfits immaculate, others took little time to touch them up in the cars provided.

Update 14: Party started at midnight

The first guests started to arrive at Bran Castle around 9.30 pm. Shortly afterward, the courtyard was lit, and the drums started beating. The last guests at Elon Musk’s party arrived at the party around midnight. Shortly before 11 PM, Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, and his partner, billionaire Matt Danzeisen, entered the castle courtyard amid lit candles and smoke.

They were all taken by car to the courtyard, where torches were lit on the front lawn, and the themed party star was given.

The ladies had super stylish outfits, vintage dresses, and violent makeup, often complete with vampire-specific teeth. The groomsmen chose rather spooky costumes, many dressed in Count Dracula style as portrayed in Bram Stoker’s famous film.

Update 13: Latest rumors on Angelina and Elon

We can not confirm, but the sources seem reliable.

Local TV station ProTV said Angelina Jolie would have been hosted in a luxury hotel in Brasov. She would have talked to the hotel staff the evening before the party. Sometime later, Daily Mail posted an article about Angelina’s activities during the weekend, which denies her presence in Brasov.

Here is the video with the interview taken by ProTV:

According to EuroNews Romania, a well-known entrepreneur confirms that Musk is in Romania. The world’s richest man and founder of Tesla and SpaceX is staying at a hotel in Brasov and has also attended the themed party at Bran Castle.

On October 31, the local newspaper Libertatea asked Romanian officials about Elon Musk’s entry visa to Romania in the morning. The authorities denied he would have applied for or requested a visa. Two different sources from the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the Tesla owner did not enter the country.

So the information provided, at that time, by entrepreneur Dragoș Anastasiu, President of Eurolines Group Romania and owner of a four-star hotel in Danube’s Delta, was probably false. This is what he said:

I know that Elon Musk is in Romania, I know he had accommodation last night and the night before, I can’t tell you more. There are many hotels and the one I know about is definitely ready to receive important guests. We have many locations in Romania ready, only that very often we only talk bad about them and always say that tourism in Romania is expensive and bad. Here we are being taught by others that Romania is not really like that or is not always or everywhere like that. Of course there are problems, but we have something to show, we have world brands, Dracula, Transylvania, the Danube Delta. King Charles comes to Romania every year. The fact that these people come to Romania shows that we have something to boast about, but we don’t invest enough in Romania’s image and we always like to complain.

Dragos Atanasiu

Update 12: Greenpeace protests

Greenpeace protest on the walls of Bran Castle! After the start of the Halloween party at Bran Castle, Greenpeace activists began projecting messages to both Elon Musk and his special guest Angelina Jolie.

“Sos Carpathian Forest,” “Tweet that, Elon!”, “Angelina, adopt a stance!”, “That’s Horror, Elon,” “In the RO Carpathians,” and “Protected forests” are some of the messages that environmental activists have projected on Bran Castle.

Update 11: Guests had dinner at a Bran restaurant, then the party started at midnight

According to Gandul.ro, before the big event, some of the most influential people on the planet went to Dor Restaurant, a few hundred meters away from the castle.

Dozens, maybe even hundreds of people, came out to see Musk’s billionaire gala appearances. Police are on the streets, trying to keep things under control.

The mile-long queue of locals wanted to catch the year’s Halloween party.

Update 10: most of the guests spent the day downtown Brasov

They walked around Brasov’s old town and the Black Church and served lunch at an Italian restaurant, Prato. According to information provided by Mediaflux, and extracted from the interview with Prato’s manager, some of them asked for vegan or raw vegan food. At the same time, the most requested dish was pasta in Parmigiano wheel.

Cancan, a Romanian newspaper, has the list of guests at the restaurant. You can see the photos taken with the seats at the tables here (amazing names!). The guests were taken from the images and added to the list above.

Although we can not confirm (no live photos from the event), the list includes Christian Koenigsegg, the founder of the famous supercar brand with the same name, and his wife, Halldora Koenigsegg. We can also find Avicii’s former manager, Ash Pournouri. Elon Musk had a very special relationship with the late DJ.

Update 9: Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is a world-famous Australian businesswoman, TV presenter, model, and actress who came to Romania for the party. She was spotted in Brasov. She became famous for her roles in “Friends” and “Batman & Robin.”

Update 8: is the party over?

30 V Class Mercedes with guests would have arrived at Sergiana Tourist Farm in Poiana Brasov.

According to the local website 3dots, the man who is said to have rented the castle is American tycoon Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, who arrived at Baneasa airport accompanied by his partner, billionaire Matt Danzeisen.

In collaboration with a Romanian company, a Swedish security firm was in charge of the guests’ entire tour so far. Twenty bodyguards will provide special security measures; if necessary, their number will increase. VIP guests will be assigned code names based on their access badges.

They were welcomed by their Romanian hosts around 7.30 pm with bread, salt, and plum brandy, the traditional “tuica.”

As many guests arrived in Romania yesterday, the day ended with a dinner at a tourist sheepfold in Poiana Brasov, where guests enjoyed an artistic program, traditional food, and a huge bonfire. Something like “I want to live like common people…”

The party was held inside the venue and in the backyard, away from prying eyes.

A section of the road leading to the restaurant was lit up with torches left and right, and drum beats were heard from inside.

According to the local newspaper Gandul, Elon Musk’s party at Sergiana Tourist Farm in Poiana Brasov ended shortly after 10 PM the last guests left the event area. At one point, a police team appeared at the party organized by the world’s billionaires.

Update 7: 100% of the party’s staff comes from the US. Only one local (Romanian) was invited to the event.

They say almost all the staff comes from the US, including security personnel and chefs. The only “local” attending the party would be CryptoDATA’s CEO, Ovidiu Toma. He is the son-in-law of Ioan Niculae, one of the richest Romanians, and friends with Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard.

Dracula’s Experience will be attended by Dracula’s Girls, a well-known cheerleading troupe from Targoviste, the European vice-champions.

Update 6: Elon Musk would have confirmed he is already in Romania.

He twitted:

Followed by:

Fresh-baked pastries and bread are traditional in Bran’s area.

According to information provided by the local press, Musk and his millionaire friends are accommodated in several luxury villas in the Brasov area. Tomorrow night, they will have a unique experience inside Bran Castle.

Update 5: Adrian Grenier from Entourage, Jordan Roemmele, and Gillian Jacobs from Walk of Shame in Halloween makeup

The actor Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase from the popular Entourage series) came to Romania with his wife, actress Jordan Roemmele. Both Grenier and his wife are in high spirits, and both choose to wear festive make-up, namely …vampires. They started the party last night in Brașov, roughly 18 miles (30 km) from Bran.

The small party at a boutique hotel in Brasov was also attended by actress Gillian Jacobs, known to the international audience for movies such as The Seven Faces of Jane, Walk of Shame, and Transatlantic.

Update 4: Almost two months ago, Elon Musk talked about an Epic Halloween, referring to Neuralink!

They say Elon has been planning the event since August! Remember, Update #3 mentions he hired a director, so this might just be a huge media blow. We expect a big marketing campaign around Neuralink straight from Bran Castle. Here is a screenshot of a Tweet about the event:

Elon Musk tweet on Halloween and Neuralink

Update 3: Elon Musk has hired a director for Dracula’s Experience

In a first, also exclusively revealed by Mediaflux.ro, billionaire Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet who recently bought Twitter, has hired a director to organize a truly sensational Dracula experience for guests. And when money is no object, it will be truly grand.

Update 2: Peter Thiel and Matt Danzeisen

PayPal founder Peter Thiel and his partner, billionaire Matt Danzeisen in the helicopter to Musk’s party.

Update 1: Julia Sandstrom

Actress Julia Sandstrom, known to audiences from the films Chick Fight and Show Me What You Got, has already boarded a plane. According to the pictures, the Hollywood star has been advised to dress up well – a sign that part of the party will be outdoors – so she has a thick fur coat.

Throughout the day, helicopters will fly between Bucharest and Bran to take the world’s billionaires and Hollywood stars to the mega-party.

Bran Castle, first built by the Teutonic knights in 1377 to protect Kronstadt (Brasov) from Ottoman attacks, became a key guard post at the Carpathian crossing for the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s rule over Transylvania.

Given to Queen Maria of Romania by local citizens after Transylvania became a Romanian province in the early 1920s, the castle was completely restored. In 1950, after expropriation by the communist government, the castle became a national monument, and a museum of restored buildings in the village was added.

In 2006 the castle was handed over to the heirs of Princess Ileana of Romania and the Archduke of Habsburg, Dominic von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduchess Maria Magdalena von Holzhausen, and Archduchess Elisabeth Sandhofer. All three were living abroad at the time.