Emergency treatment for Rafael Novoa following fall-induced fracture in Bogota

Famed actor navigates recovery journey, embracing crutches and resilience after unexpected tumble results in foot fracture.

Colombian actor Rafael Novoa suffered an accident and made it known through social networks he had a fall that caused a fracture in one of his feet.

According to the information published by the artist, a ‘bad fall’ caused a fracture in one of his toes, so he had to go to a medical center for emergency treatment.

Rafael arrived at the Santa Fe clinic in Bogota to be evaluated by specialists, who took a series of X-rays to find out exactly what had happened to him after the fall.

“I had a fall… A bad fall. I hurt my foot and don’t know why or what exactly happened to me. That’s what we’re going to find out. We had to go all the way around the outside because the Santa Fe Clinic is being remodeled, but well. Let’s see, hopefully, it’s nothing serious,” he said.

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The actor in productions such as ‘Pura Sangre,’ ‘Bloque de Búsqueda,’ ‘El señor de los Cielos,’ ‘A Corazón Abierto,’ and ‘Las Trampas del Amor’ revealed that he suffered a break in one of the toes (metatarsal) of his left foot.

In addition, Novoa indicated that doctors decided to cast the left foot, and he will have to walk with the help of crutches while he recovers from the fracture caused by the fall.

Fortunately, the 51-year-old actor did not have to be hospitalized after the doctors’ assessment and left the Santa Fe clinic in a wheelchair to go to his home, where he began his recovery process.