Emily Ratajkowski’s 5 bikinis that lit up Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski | Jean-Baptiste Lacroix for Getty Images

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Via Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski the feeling has become not only when publishing content related to her professional projects, but also ventures to share postcards of her private life, among which trips, outings with friends and family, as well as beauty and fashion content stand out.

Here we share some of the images that the model of brands such as “Versace” and “inamoratawoman” has published in networks and they have devastated, obtaining thousands of likes and comments in a matter of hours.


What a stir the model caused by publishing a photograph captured during her last getaway to the beach, as she appeared sheathed andin a tiny bikini that exposed her abdomen of steel less than a year after becoming a mother.

heart attack profile

In profile and showing off his rear, Emily made it more than clear that she doesn’t care about ‘what they say’. Great body!


Like a real siren, the famous Versace model wore a colorful two-piece set made up of a crop top that showed its attributesas well as an orange skirt that exposed her flat stomach.

Vitamin Sea

Emily Ratajkowski does not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sun and tan at the seashore, as she let it be seen by publishing this postcard in which, Wearing a blue bikini, she captivated her millions of followers.

bewitching figure

We cannot forget that photo session where the famous 30-year-old she was bolder than ever wearing one of the revealing bikinis from her swimwear line. What a stir it caused on her Instagram!

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