Emma Coronel could be an influencer when she gets out of prison and collect $10,000 per publication

Emma Colonelthe controversial wife of drug dealer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmanwho is in prison serving a 36-month prison sentence, could dedicate herself to being influencer Upon his release in January 2024, if he proposes, they will offer him up to $10,000 for each publication in Instagram, according to the Influencity platform. It should be clarified that the Colonel Aispuro’s lawyers they have not said what and how their client will live when they leave the jail.

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According to an Infobae analysis of the data revealed by Influencity, Emma Coronel has only published five images on her official Instagram account and that has been enough to gradually approach a million followers (she currently has more than 712 thousand). and a total of 93 thousand likes.

Depending on the platform Influencitythe Instagram profile of the wife of the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) is worth $18,931, as calculated by the mathematical algorithm that is based on the quality of user interactions, such as “likes” and “comments”. However, she could raise her value considerably if she dedicated herself to being an influencer, uploading more content daily, and getting some sponsors.

If at this time Emma were to get sponsorship from some brands, they could offer her up to $10,000 for each post she made, since she was included in the group of profiles that have between 500 thousand and one million followers on Instagram.

On February 22, 2021, Emma, ​​who has dual citizenship, that of Mexico and the United States, was detained at the international airport Dullesin Virginia. A year later, Emma Coronel was transferred to a texas federal minimum security prison.

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