Emmanuel Macron is greeted with tomatoes in Paris

The newly re-elected French president, Emmanuel Macronavoided being “attacked” by what looked like a small sack of cherry tomatoes on Wednesday as he made his way through a packed and boisterous crowd at a market northwest of Paris.

About six of the small fruits, some orange, some red, contained in what appeared to be a blue plastic bag, flew over the French leader’s head and ricocheted off the shoulder and arm of two men next to him, according to broadcaster BFM. -TV. video.

Macron himself seemed unaware of the near miss until someone in the crowd yelled “projectile” and bodyguards raised their arms over the French leader’s head to cover him. We previously reported in AmericanPost.News that Macron was attacked with an egg in a gastronomy hall.

They protect Emmanuel Macron with an umbrella

Macron was unharmed in the incident.

Someone then unfurled a black umbrella to protect him, and his security team ushered him under the umbrella of a nearby market stall. The president took refuge there for a few moments until things calmed down.

Another video clip, shot from a different angle, showed that just after the tomatoes were thrown, a passerby climbed onto a table or something else and from that height threw himself backwards into the crowd of people surrounding him. Macron.

The man seemed to throw a rogue punch as he flew through the air. There were screams as he landed hard on top of the crowd and fell to the ground.

Macron, seemingly unharmed and unfazed, happily continued his stroll through Cergy-Pontoise, mingling and chatting with people in the market. He told reporters that he visited the working-class neighborhood as part of his previously stated promise to unite France after a tough presidential campaign.

The 44-year-old centrist Emmanuel Macron comfortably beat his far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the second round of elections on Sunday.

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