Emmanuel Macron loses absolute majority in Parliament

According to the first projections of the second round of the legislative elections in France, the president Emmanuel Macron lost the absolute majority in Parliament by not getting the 289 necessary votes; the president’s opposition interpreted the event as a “total defeat.”

All this indicates that the second political force in command in France is the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), which will have 156 seats, against the 89 seats won by the far-right National Group.

Let us remember that the French National Assembly has 577 seats, which is why 289 votes are needed to achieve an absolute majority that allows legislative processing.

Despite the fact that he won re-election, the signs of rejection against Macron continue, because in a Paris market, he was greeted with tomato blows, a fact that we made known in AmericanPost.News.

Total defeat for Emmanuel Macron

The French president remains in power but with some obstacles Since 2016 he has been in La Republica en Marche!

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the left-wing coalition New Popular Ecological and Social Union, affirmed that these results in the French legislative elections that took place on Sunday, June 19, give a “total defeat” of the parties that still support the president of France.

“It is a totally unexpected situation, absolutely unheard of. The defeat of the presidential party is total, and no majority emerges.”

The opposition leader also indicated that the post-election alliances in reference to the Macron coalition, and The Republicans, “no majority is emerging.”

Given the situation, the Republicans have already raised the need to reach agreements with the absolute majority that can facilitate the work of the government and without generating internal political conflicts in the country.

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What party does Emmanuel Macron represent?

Since 2016 he has been in La Republica en Marche!

Since 2016 it belongs to La Republica en Marche! and with him France won the presidency, a country that he will continue to lead after winning the presidential elections this year; It is worth mentioning that this was not to the liking of all the inhabitants, since a great rejection towards him has been expressed.

Emmanuel Macron will remain president, but he will not make the decisions alone, since after the “total defeat”, he will have to consult the opposition.

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