Employee who received outrageous gift after 27 years at Burger King will be rewarded with $80,000

The case of a employee who worked for Burger King for 27 years and was recognized with an outrageous gift (a glass, sweets, a pen and a movie ticket) went around the world.

Although the worker did not hide his surprise at the way they thanked him after almost three decades of service, he highlighted the fact of completing a cycle.

“I am grateful for everything I receive. I’m not that kind of personTrust me, I’ve been through a lot. It was just stuff that they had laying around, that they put together, but I was happy about it,” she expressed.

“But like most large corporations, they have lost touch with their workersand through covid and whatever, they started cutting shows,” he added.

Like every story, the happy ending came for the man who is already a grandfather, after turning the page GoFundMe notified that he will receive $80,000 in donations from people who were upset by the way the restaurant chain fired him.

“I’m here trying to get through dinner without crying! You are such extraordinary people,” Seryna, the man’s daughter, wrote on social media. “Seriously, I can’t believe this. You are all changing your life!” she added.

Among the donors is the comedian David Spadewho donated $5,000 and even wrote him a private message on Instagram.

“Keep up the good work. 27 years old”, Spade wrote to Ford, while the latter said he was shocked by this message: “Thank you very much, even for watching the video! I love you brother! Much love and God bless you. I think I could take a day off.”

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