Employment for Mexicans in the US: you can earn $ 1,500 a month, with legal hiring

In recent years, the United States government, in collaboration with the authorities of other countries, has provided the opportunity for foreign citizens to come to the United States to work legally and safely in order to fill various vacant positions in different regions of the world. country.

A few days ago it was announced that a company in Vermont is looking for Mexicans in order to occupy a position as a dishwasher. Whoever is selected will receive a monthly salary of $ 1,500 dollars (30 thousand pesos) per month.

According to the information released, the contract begins in November and the worker must cover 35 hours of work per week, with diverse schedules that can include night shifts, weekends and holidays.

According to the National Employment Service, the person who is hired will receive the $ 1,500 per month distributed in biweekly payments, as well as have insurance for accidents at work.

The employment portal in Mexico, the selected person must cover their transportation expenses from Mexico to Vermont and your accommodation during your stay. The employer offers rental accommodation for an equivalent cost of around $ 110 dollars (2,182.4 pesos) per month, plus a deposit of almost $ 300 dollars (5,952 pesos) that is reimbursed at the end of the contract.

It was added that in case the recruited person does not agree with this option, the company can also help to find another hosting site with a third party so that the worker does not have to worry about the issue.

Those who are interested, They have until September 6 to apply for the job offer. The employer is part of the tourism, lodging and restaurant sector, it is specified that applicants must have a valid passport at the time of submitting their curriculum.

As it is a job offer published through the National Employment Service, it is completely legal, and the agency’s staff offers advice to Mexicans interested in it. In addition to the position requested for Vermont, there are more vacancies that Mexican citizens can fill in the United States.

Another of the job options that exist in the United States, also in Vermont, is the teleski position for the tourism sector. Where the selected person must operate the teleski machinery, they must carry out customer service activities, assist the client to get on and off the teleski chair, review the entrance ticket, as well as monitor and control the places. $ 1,750 dollars (35,000 pesos) are offered.

Another offer offered in Vermont is Counter Clerk Clerk. Whoever is selected must handle cash, supply supplies, prepare take-out orders, prepare food such as sandwiches, salads, ice cream, in accordance with established recipes and procedures, perform customer service and product collection. $ 1,750 dollars (35,000 pesos) are offered.

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