English Federation investigates an Arsenal player for bet fixing

A new scandal could explode in England after this Wednesday The Athletic media have reported that the English Football Federation (FA) will investigate an Arsenal player for alleged bet fixing sports.

As revealed by The Athletic UK, an Arsenal player would have forced to receive a yellow card in order to cash-in that achievement at a bookmaker.

Until now, the identity of the Arsenal player has not been revealed to protect his privacy. However, rumors assure that the player involved in the scandal would be the Swiss Granit Xhaka. The midfielder received a yellow card in the 86th minute of the match where the Gunners beat Leeds 1-4 on December 18.

With the game almost over and with few comeback opportunities for those led by Bielsa, Xhaka took almost a minute to execute a free kick in the defensive area, for which he earned the card.

But not only this action brought suspicion but also the fact that during the match Xhaka made two strong fouls against the Brazilian Raphinha in which he was even able to see the red card, but the referee let the play pass and did not admonish the midfielder.

Another compelling reason is that bet on Xhaka receiving a yellow cardagainst Leeds he paid almost triple what was bet. And the longer the playing time went on, the more the bet went up.

In fact, as quoted by The Athletic, a bookmaker was the one that “notified” the FA of the irregular bet, which was unofficially known would have been at least 65,000 euros.

We will have to wait to find out what the investigation rules, but for now this would not be the first betting scandal that has shaken English football in recent years. On April 19, 2018, Lincoln City defender Bradley Wood was suspended for six years by the FA.; this after a court determined that he had been intentionally booked in FA Cup matches against Ipswich Town and Burnley in the 2016-2017 campaign.

Wood accepted and admitted 22 charges where he was the protagonist of the bets. Later it was found that two of the bettors for the yellow cards in the Cup matches were also close to the footballer.

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