Enrique Bunbury announces his retirement from the stage due to health problems

the spanish singer Enrique Bunbury surprised his fans with sad news after announcing that he was will withdraw from the stage after presenting complications in the health problems that were detected for a few years.

Through a statement shared by the rocker on social networks, he explained the reason why he made the decision to end his presentations and musical activities to his 54 years old.

Last June, the singer announced his return to Monterrey and other parts of Mexico as part of his 2022 tour for his 35-year musical career anniversary, however, the presentation scheduled for February 15 was suspended.

Enrique Bunbury says goodbye to the stage

Singer’s statement. The singer is 54 years old.

In the message shared by the same Spanish interpreter of ‘Before breakfast’, he explained: “I have made the decision, very thoughtful and conscious, to abandon my interpretive activityat concerts and tours”.

Regarding his current health situation, he indicated: “I have heard different names and diagnoses. The reality is that my throat closes up and irritates, and my airways make even the slightest exercise and the execution of my work difficult… So what was normally a pleasure and delight has become a source of immense pain and suffering” .

As for the tour scheduled for this year, the artist clarified that he will perform the paused concerts in the United States and Spain until September, however, he stressed that these will be the last ones he performs.

Where does Henry Bunbury live?

The singer is 54 years old.

The Spanish singer and his family have lived for several years in the district of The Angels, California in the United States. As we announced in AmericanPost.News, Enrique Bunbury He has more than 35 years of experience, however, his career was paused for a while and then he returned with the song ‘Wishes to use and throw away’.

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