Enrique Guzmán assures that complaints of sexual abuse such as the one made by Frida Sofía “are in fashion”

Enrique Guzmán assures that complaints of sexual abuse such as the one made by Frida Sofía “are in fashion”

Enrique Guzman returned to become the center of controversy after ensuring that complaints about sexual abuse, such as the one he made Frida sofia against him a few months ago, yesand they have become very common currently.

The father of Alejandra Guzman He attended the morning program ‘Hoy’ as a luxury guest to talk about his return to the stage with the musical play ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. However, he again caused a stir by answering how he is after facing the complaint for sexual abuse that his net began Frida sofia, where he assured that this type of signaling is so frequent that it seems to be fashionable.

“Today it is fashionable to have that type of complaints and I have these kinds of things because I have to face them, I am very ashamed when these things happen because I live with a granddaughter who lives in my house, so imagine if I had that disease that she has one that having that kind of thing in mind would be terrible. This girl waited 25 years to say that I had something to do with it ”.

The singer confessed that it is a complicated issue that he has not yet managed to overcome since he was between two walls because she is his granddaughter and is also his enemy, but he felt better when he had the support of his daughter, Alejandra Guzmán, who gave him authorization to do what you think is convenient.

“The truth was one day he told me ‘Dad – do what you have to do, he opened the door for me and I have lawyers working on it.”

Finally he stressed that he is calm because his granddaughter will have to prove what he accuses “and that is very difficult because it never happened“.

Some days ago, Enrique Guzman he was in the eye of the hurricane after assuring in a bullish tone that the death of Natasha Moctezuma was part of the karma that Frida Sofía was paying; And although shortly after he offered a public apology, he again fueled the conflict that began in April 2021 by ensuring that he does not want to see his net in jail, but in a psychiatric clinic.

“I don’t want to put her in jail, I want to put her in a clinic, but she says she is healthy“Said Silvia Pinal’s ex-husband.

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