Enrique Guzmán compares Yahir’s son to Alejandra Guzmán’s addictions

Enrique Guzman he said dismayed by the situation of the son of Yahir, who was your partner in the staging ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

The singer recalled the stage he lived in the company of his daughter, the rocker Alejandra Guzman, who confirmed that he had addiction problems in the past.

Guzman, who has lived in controversy over allegations of sexual abuse, reiterated his support for Yahir, indicating that he knows how difficult it is to cope with this situation.

Enrique Guzmán remembers what he lived with Alejandra Guzmán

Enrique Guzmán remembers what he lived with Alejandra Guzmán

After the addiction problems of Tristán, son of the singer Yahir, came to light, Enrique Guzmpan himself gave his point of view on the problem:

“Yes, I saw him, poor thing! I don’t know what to do! And his other little boy is also involved, I know that it must be very difficult to face this type of problem. Poor thing !, because he would have to really want to, or know how to turn his back on many things, even if they are relatives, “said the singer in an interview

Even after Alejandra Guzman He made his addiction problem public, his father recalled that stage and upon hearing questions from the press, he indicated “We have all gone through it … all of us.”

Yahir’s son receives death threats for drug debt

Enrique Guzmán remembers what he lived with Alejandra Guzmán

The latest that has been known about the situation of Trsitan, is the lack of support from his father Yahir, who once again assured that he is devastated but that he will not overlap the actions of his son.

In recent days an audio was leaked where the young man is heard with many money problems, a situation that would have led to fear for his life, as they indicated that he had messed with the wrong people.

The son of Yahir jumped back into the public eye when, weeks ago, she reported her sexual orientation and her introduction to the world of pornography and even introducing her boyfriend to the media.

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