Enrique Guzmán sent a message to Yahir about the problem with his son: “We have all been through that”

Enrique Guzmán sympathized with Yahir due to his son’s addictions (Photos: Twitter)

After the situation you faced Yahir with his son Tristan and his problem with drugs, Enrique Guzman He showed his concern and sent a message to his partner of the work Jesus Christ Superstar.

“Poor Yahir, not knowing what to do and his other little guy is also involved, I know it must be very difficult to face these kinds of problems. You have to really want to, or know how to turn your back on many things even if they are related “, expressed the singer in an interview for the program Windowing.

Because the addiction problem of Alejandra Guzman it became public, Enrique admitted that he experienced many situations when his daughter was in a very difficult time, so he said: “We have all passed it”.

“I hope you really want to, that you put your shame and fear ahead, you have no choice. Hopefully the boy reconsiders and sees things differently. Being young is a disease that goes away with time and your child is very young; there is nothing you can do but hold on ”, said the interpreter of Your head in my shoulder.

Yahir's eldest son had a relapse and Enrique Guzmán sent him his good wishes (Photo: Instagram / @ yahirmusic)
Yahir’s eldest son had a relapse and Enrique Guzmán sent him his good wishes (Photo: Instagram / @ yahirmusic)

Let us remember that Tristán caused a stir since his reappearance in the media in the first days of November, when he conducted an interview with the magazine TvNotes and detailed the distant relationship with his father, his sexual orientation, among other things.

“I started working in bars as a waiter and I went to party, I got high. I remember my dad just crying and saying he didn’t know what to do anymore. This has been my life, I go in and out of clinics. My addiction really started since I was medicated at the age of 9 for different problems “, he confessed in said interview.

For his part, the former contestant of The Academy revealed that he is fighting alongside the 23-year-old: “The truth seems that I am living a nightmare. We have a very long time in a war on addictions. My son is in a very strong relapse after from various rehabilitation centers and it is very sad to find out that this problem is leading him to do very serious things, ”said the actor.

In this way, Yahir implied that you do not agree with your child’s intention to become an adult content actor and clarified that he has no problem with Tristán’s sexual preferences, but with the way in which the young man is exposed to the public on the internet without measuring the consequences, because decided to open his OnlyFans account.

Tristan, son of Yahir, declared himself bisexual
Tristán decided to open his OnlyFans account (Photo: Instagram / @ tristan_gss)

Secondly, Enrique Guzmán thanked the support he has received from the people in the midst of the controversy he lives with his granddaughter Frida Sofía, who reported it a few months ago. “I was very pleased to know that there is full support from the public, I am very happy,” said the famous.

The singer was excited about his return to the stage after two years. Enrique has prepared himself in rehearsals for his next concert that he will offer on December 4 at the La Maraka room in Mexico City.

He also said that he has felt satisfied with his family and the home he created, despite the inconveniences he had: “I am happy for what I have because it is extraordinary and everything else is profit.”


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