Enrique Guzmán’s controversial message to Frida Sofía about the death of his sister

Enrique Guzmán’s controversial message to Frida Sofía about the death of his sister

The controversies around the Guzmán Pinal family do not cease, and this time it was the turn of the famous singer of the 60’s, Enrique Guzmán, who spoke more about the death of Frida Sofía’s sister, and declared that “karma is karma”, which sparked controversy on social media.

It should be remembered that after being publicly known that the Guzmán Pinal family was going through a strong controversy after Frida sofia decided to reveal that his grandfather, rocker Enrique Guzmán, would have sexually abused her when she was only five years old, her mother Alejandra Guzman He broke the silence and spoke about this situation a few months ago.

In this sense, “La Guzmán” assured that his entire family has an enormous trauma after the figure of Enrique Guzmán was pointed out in such a serious way as regards sexual abuse of a minor.

Nevertheless, Alejandra Guzmán assured that sor daughter was tried to kidnap when she was only 12 years old, a little later, when she was 15, she was admitted for mental treatment.

In this sense, the singer of “Volverte a amar”, assured that for years her daughter was diagnosed with a personality disorder, in addition to that from an early age she began to self-medicate, thus generating an addiction to various drugs.

“I already told you at the moment, I already explained to you, he has not said anything, he has not ratified anything, nobody accuses me of anything, she is maybe busy now, I suppose, now that she has problems, we are going to talk about Jesus Christ that I suppose to that we come ”declared the famous.

Under this panorama, the famous Singer Enrique Guzmán, spoke recently in an interview for the staging of “Jesus Christ superstar”, where he will have a participation, on the case of Frida Sofía.

In this sense, the famous man pointed out that he has nothing to fear, since Frida Sofía has not ratified anything before the authorities, so the case is currently suspended.

In sum, it is important to remember that Frida Sofía suffered the death of her sister Natasha Moctezuma, who lost her life last Thursday, September 2.

Natasha Moctezuma suffered from a lung disease. In addition, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, so her parents decided that she would go to live in New York City, United States.

“Karma is karma”

Abroad, the young woman lived with her maternal grandmother and underwent various treatments to treat her ailments.

In this regard, Enrique Guzmán pointed out in said interview that “karma is karma”, which sparked thousands of comments on social networks from the followers of the Guzmán family.

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