Enrique Iglesias’ sister reveals her family’s secrets in a new documentary

Despite his immense fame and the fact that he grew up in the shadow of a star like his father, Julio Iglesias, singer Enrique Iglesias has always managed to shield his privacy from media attention. Moreover, the pregnancies of anna Kournikova, their partner for almost two decades, did not come to light until they decided to announce that they had welcomed their children: twins Nicholas and Lucy and little Mary.

However, sometimes his fans can peek a little into his private life through the statements made by other members of his family, both his mother Isabel Preysler and his brother Julio José or his two younger stepsisters: Tamara, daughter of the late Marqués de Griñón, and Ana, whom the Spanish socialite had with her late husband Miguel Boyer.

Now Tamara has starred in a documentary about her life for the magazine ¡Hola! in which, of course, he talks about the most famous of the eight siblings that he has in total on the part of his father and mother. According to her, Enrique spent many hours assembling and painting airplane models in the room he shared with his brother Julio and “writing lines” because they punished him very often.

“When I was little, the truth is that my brother Enrique made me mad a lot and called me ‘maruca’, and I would get hysterical. It seemed horrible to me because it reminded me of ‘cockroach’ or something like that “, Tamara remembers before the cameras.

The sister of the famous artist has also explained that the absence of both Julio José, who was his favorite brother, and Enrique was greatly affected when the two moved to Miami to live with their father, although they returned to Spain in the summer holidays and of Christmas.

“My brothers were always very aware of me and on my birthday they sent me whole suitcases full of gifts, nonsense, and I also spent time in Miami“, Tamara explained that she had an excellent relationship with Julio Iglesias, or ‘Uncle Julio’, as she calls him for lack of a better way of referring to her mother’s first husband and the father of her two stepbrothers and her stepsister Chábeli.

As a curiosity, Tamara’s own friends admit that they are great admirers of Enrique and that they often ask her to put on the loudspeaker so they can hear her voice when he calls her on the phone.

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