Enrique Ponce and Luis Miguel’s falling out over designer Paloma Cuevas and allegedly have a nasty confrontation at restaurant

Find out about the reported altercation between singer Luis Miguel and his best friend and ex-husband of Paloma Cuevas, Enrique Ponce, over their rumored romance. Is their friendship on the rocks? Read on for the latest updates and speculation.

The romance between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas continues to give rise to rumors, as it is reported that the singer was caught in the middle of a clash with Enrique Ponce, the ex-husband of the designer and who is also a compadre of the singer.

In American Post News, we have informed you that the singer and Paloma Cuevas have been captured on several occasions together and are increasingly affectionate, reinforcing the rumors of a romance.

The romance between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas has generated a lot of controversies, as they have known each other for several years, and are even compadres, as the designer and her ex-husband, Enrique Ponce, are godparents of the singer’s eldest son and Aracely Arámbula.

Luis Miguel in a fight with his best friend over his girlfriend

Luis Miguel vs Enrique Ponce
Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce would have fought in the middle of the restaurant.

Entertainment journalist Fabián Lavalle reported that Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce allegedly met at a luxurious restaurant in Spain. The singer tried to approach his best friend to talk due to rumors of a romance with Paloma Cuevas. However, this action unleashed the fury of the former bullfighter.

According to witnesses, Enrique Ponce reacted violently when Luis Miguel tried to approach his table, hitting his hand on the table and causing the singer to get his shirt dirty, shouting, “Don’t come near me.”

In the tense moment, Luis Miguel’s security team intervened and even removed the photographs of the moment, according to Fabián Lavalle’s statements.

However, several media that follow Luis Miguel’s life very closely have questioned the veracity of Fabián Lavalle’s statements, who so far has not presented proof of his statements.

Where is Luis Miguel now?

Singer Luis Miguel has lived for several years in Miami, United States. However, since rumors of a romance with Paloma Cuevas began to spread, the singer has been constantly captured in Spain.

It is speculated that Luis Miguel is living permanently in Spain, and there has even been talking of a possible engagement with Paloma Cuevas.