Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña video where they appear together on Televisa

  • After Enrique Rocha’s death, a video of him with Octavio Ocaña appears
  • The material was made by other artists as part of a Televisa campaign
  • Internet users are shocked at the images of the actors

In less than 10 days, Televisa has lived between mourning, tears and pain over the recent death of actor Enrique Rocha and Octavio Ocaña a little over a week ago, so a video where they appear together has even more moved the public that does not yet accept the official version that the latter was accidentally shot.

According to the El Heraldo de México news portal, the material lasts just over 7 minutes and although both make sporadic appearances, they were enough to highlight the importance they had for the company, since that video was made in 2010 to celebrate the New Year, which would be 2011.


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In the material appear stars from the world of acting, music and even journalism, such as the clown “Brozo”, a character played by Víctor Trujillo, as well as other very famous artists, among them you can see Ignacio López Tarso , Mijares, Lucero, Carmen Salinas, Lolita Ayala, Chabelo, Julio Alemán, Erik del Castillo, among others.

Televisa has always stood out for making this type of material to celebrate Christmas and other celebrations and on this occasion they interpreted the theme of One More Year of the Mecano Group. The artists pretended to go to the houses of strangers and live with them for a while, causing surprise in many of them by not expecting those visits.

Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña: WHAT DO THE ACTORS DO IN THE VIDEO?

Televisa video
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But what most caught the attention of the public who saw this Televisa video that resurfaces precisely because of the recent death of the actors, is that at the beginning of it Octavio Ocaña appears, who is the one who opens the song and then Enrique Rocha appears, both participated in the project and has left several hearts broken by their sudden departures.

The video can be seen on the YouTube channel called TeleBasura and many people left a farewell comment for both artists who are no longer in this world. However, the death that caused the most commotion was that of the young man, since it was violent and in circumstances that few do not fully convince, since there is talk of an alleged murder.


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The first messages that people left in this New Year’s video that resurfaces after their deaths, are the following: “Octavio Ocaña“ Benito ”RIP. We will always remember you, thank you for making us laugh so much ”,“ I remembered that the song Benito begins and I came to remember him, yesterday they murdered him, rest in peace ”,“ the beginning with “Benito” RIP ”.

Others commented on the Televisa video: “We will miss those who are no longer here, that verse reflects well those who already got ahead of us, bye Benito, RIP”, “of all the end of the year songs this was the best that Televisa released in 2012… Benito from ‘Necinos’ will stay there for eternity, rest in peace ”,“ if this song reaches you, and see Octavio who begins to sing it and some are gone, you cry that simple ”.


Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña
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But the public was not left with the desire to comment on how sad this video was: “And it again shows that in life everything can happen, when we think that naturally the elderly will leave before the children, today the news impacts us that the smallest of this video has been ahead of us. DEP ‘Benito Rivers’ ”,“ just today I remember this song that great voice Benito, rest in peace ”.

“Those who are gone, we will miss … Rest in Peace, Octavio Ocaña”, “Rest in peace … May God and the little virgin take your soul to their humble abode in heaven”, “I remembered this song when I knew the sad news that Octavio Ocaña (Benito) died how sad ”,“ I come after knowing that this actor died who is here a child, very young, a shame, but I always heard that good people leave before, rest in peace ”, more netizens said. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña


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The pain of the people was even more present with the tender interpretation of Octavio Ocaña, known for his interpretation of ‘Benito Rivers’ in the ‘Necinos’ series: “This Christmas video is the best on Televisa, and today it gives me more sadness to see little Octavio, who would tell us that he would die so young, my sincere condolences to his family and friends, a very sad year, many human losses, due to viruses, due to crime, a lot of pain in all Mexicans for so many absences ”.

“This song reaches the heart and more when today the smallest of that video has been ahead of us, RIP Octavio Ocaña”, “Adiós Benito. We will remember and miss you Octavio AP Ocaña “,” here Benito sings (Octavio Ocaña) it is a shame that someone so young is dead “,” Rest in peace Octavio may God and the Virgin have you in a place full of light and better than this … Shines like a star in the sky ”, commented more people. Filed Under: Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña


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Other people identified with the memory of Octavio Ocaña who participated in the ‘Neighbors’ series and expressed it this way: “Today at the mass that was for my grandmother 3 months after her death, the father dedicated some emotional words to her. to Octavio Ocaña, how painful it is to see and hear this song just a few weeks before the end of 2021, you will be missed Benito ”.

“I did not remember that Octavio appeared in this video but when I saw him there little boy singing I started to cry”, “rest in peace Benito, your light will never go out”, “rest in peace Benito we are going to miss you a lot”, “happy times that they will no longer return. What nostalgia and sadness. Some stay and others leave, and there is only the longing for what one day was, ”were other people’s opinions.


Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña

Undoubtedly the death of Octavio Ocaña hurt more to new viewers who do not fully remember Enrique Rocha: “It hurts me a lot, the death of ‘Benito’ rests in peace! Rest friend, God has already received you, I am sure ”,“ No, it saddens me on YouTube, but I feel very sad, rest in peace Octavio Ocaña “Benito Rivers” always in our hearts ”.

“I only came here to remember Benito, how sad today’s news”, “9 days after turning 23 and he’s leaving, I’m going to miss you as you don’t have an idea… I love you Benito Rivers… Rest in peace Octavio Ocaña”, “Wow, I see it and I don’t believe it, I feel that at that time it was the time when Televisa was at the top, and it’s sad that some are gone now. Besides, that commercial was one of the best, to say goodbye to a year ”.

Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña: WHY DO PEOPLE REMEMBER IT?

Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña
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What most captivated people was the innocent voice of the interpreter of ‘Benito Rivers’ in ‘Necinos’: “Today with sadness I see her at the beginning and see little Octavio who gave us laughter with his great talent, rest in peace”, ” Oh how sad to see him like this little one and to know that he is no longer in this earthly world, we are so fragile “,” we will miss those who are no longer there, “Benito” have a good trip and fly away into the arms of God “

“My Benito, you leave us so many joys… now you are in a better place, although soon and I know that if God took you, it is so that you can get a lot of smiles… RIP. Octavio Ocaña ”,“ I was listening to this music yesterday and today I woke up with the news that Octavio Ocaña (Benito) died ”,“ have a good trip Benito. You are in a place where there is no pain, no evil. Someday we won’t all see, God bless you, ”wrote more users.


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Just last night it was announced that the first actor Enrique Rocha, a native of Silao, Guanajuato, died this Sunday at the age of 81; the death was apparently confirmed by one of his employees, Óscar Espejel, he was well known mainly for his antagonistic roles in soap operas such as El Privilegio de Amar and in other Televisa roles.

As soon as the clapperboard sounded, Enrique Rocha became serious about his scenes, usually as a villain, since his imposing voice allowed him to embody from unquestionable and strict patriarchs (Two Women, One Way) to a diabolical agent who wanted to destroy an angel of the guard (Seraph). But as soon as they gave the cut, the Guanajuato actor, who died yesterday at 81 years of natural causes, changed. Filed Under: Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña


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Producers, actors and friends who worked with “Rochón”, as they called him because of the seriousness of his voice, highlighted this great contradiction: the public will remember him as the villain of the story, but they will do so as someone very animated. “Maybe no one places him that way, but he was the funniest guy I’ve ever met in my life, the one I’ve laughed the most with. We literally fell to the floor from laughing so much. I even had a stomach ache. He had a sense of humor that was always so jovial, with so much energy.

“At that time I had a very jealous boyfriend and he used to get more that I went out to dinner with Enrique, and even so I went with him, because we literally saw each other to laugh”, shared in an interview Lorena Herrera, who was with Rocha in Dos Women. Rocha unexpectedly discovered her profession at the age of 17 through a theatrical audition that was not attended by an actor. Enrique Rocha Octavio Ocaña. With information from Agencia Reforma