Entrepreneur viralizes her jewelry made with semen

Via Tiktok an “artisanal” jewelry It has gone viral for its incredible creations, this thanks to the fact that the woman herself explains how she carries out each jewel, in addition, her followers have highlighted that she is a role model for her courage and desire to undertake.

But what is most striking are the materials with which she makes her models, since these are made from body fluids, among others, the owner of the jewelry identified as Amanda Boothfrom Canada, said that it has gained a lot of popularity, so much so that even his clients send samples of said male fluid to his workshop.

But this entrepreneur not only creates jewelry based on semenbut uses breastmilk, cremated remains of loved ones or pets, skins and even locks of hair, which have captivated social networks.

Entrepreneurs on trend

Entrepreneur viralizes her jewelry made with semen The woman uses semen and other fluids

According to data published by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in its report called Global Youth Employment Trends, it announced that, during 2020, up to 31.5 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 24 were unemployed and were not part of any educational program; by contrast, the percentage of men is 16 percent, according to estimates published in November 2021.

In the same context, in Mexico, the employment rate in the informal economy for the female gender remained between 27.6% and 30%thanks to the great boom in informal jobs and the close link with social networks.

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How is informal work defined?

The woman uses semen and other fluids

AmericanPost.Newsfound that informal employment refers to the labor activity of independent workers, street vendors, domestic service workers, window cleaners, among others, also in this category are women who sell clothing on networks social, accessories and entrepreneurs.

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