Epic confrontation between a coyote and a cat is captured by security cameras in Surfside Beach, Texas

The most critical moment came when the cat tried to jump onto the porch railing, and was grabbed by the coyote’s big mouth – Photo: SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images

A curious and surprising moment in which a coyote tries to capture a cat has gone viral on social networks. It seem like it was not an easy task for the wild animal, and a security camera from Surfside Beach, Texas, captured the epic fight.

The confrontation was recorded by the security camera of a neighbor in the area from the porch of his house, which revealed the intense encounter between the hungry coyote and the cat.

In the images released by Univision the cat is shown trying to escape, however, it suffered some injuries caused by the wild animal.

Between so much struggle, finally, the cat jumped towards the railing of the house and climbed a wooden column, clinging to his own life with his nails.

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The coyote turned to continue on his way, while the cat held on to the column until it was sure that the danger had passed.

According to Univisión, the Surfside Beach police would have confirmed that there is a coyote problem in this town and they are working with Texas Parks and Wildlife to find a solution.