Éric Cantona will not see the World Cup in Qatar: “Thousands of people have died building stadiums”

Photo: Noushad Thekkayil / EFE

We are in the year of the FIFA Soccer World Cup and Qatar will host the great event in the last months of 2022. Eric Cantona, a historical French player, criticized the exploitation of labor to build the stadiums and therefore does not plan to see the games.

For the former striker who shone at Manchester United, the conditions to which the workers were subjected were inhumane. He called it “horrible.”

“To be honest, I will not see the next World Cup, because it is not for me”, stated in Sportmail. His idea is to take the World Cup to places where both men’s and women’s football grow. He does not see Qatar as a country that meets those characteristics.

I am not against it being celebrated in places where football is promoted, as happened in South Africa and the United States in the 1990s, but Qatar is not a football country

Eric Cantona – Sportmail

Cantona generally doesn’t save anything when talking about a sensitive topic. He was irreverent on the court and off it he does not lose his style.

“Not only is it not expected to have bequeathed in the country. Thousands of people have died building stadiums. And even so we are going to celebrate the World Cup there ”, he added.

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