Erick Osores warms up and claims Ricardo Gareca: “Zero tolerance” [VIDEO]

Erick bears, presenter of América de Deportes, was not indifferent to Paolo Guerrero’s party and took advantage of the controversial predator party to send a message to Ricardo Gareca on how to face the disciplinary issue and not risk massive COVID-19 infections a few days before the restart of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers with finals against Colombia and Ecuador.

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The issue did not go unnoticed, Paolo Guerrero has trained has done well, but amidst the controversy and controversy, Ricardo Gareca defended him, now, two players tested positive. The issue is not easy, but Peru has to focus, from now on, one hundred percent on the Qualifiers, outside of any relaxation and from now on ‘Zero tolerance’”Said the sports journalist.

Erick bears He also recognized that the coach’s position is controversial because it is not shared by many. “They are still controversial issues Y Ricardo Gareca was also in charge of dealing with these issues in some way, he did not shy away from them and had a clear position. You can share them or not, but it is their position around meetings, outings and freedoms.”, He commented on the repeated moments in which he defended his subjects despite his acts away from discipline and order.

The press man was concerned about the third wave of coronavirus that has already touched two players of the Peruvian team. The attitude like everyone’s, from now on, is to think only about sports is that players have to think twice, three and four times, because a contagion, two infections or a wave of infections, would simply make Peru go decimated to play finals

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Paolo Guerrero was supported by Ricardo Garecay causing different reactions (Photo: GEC)

Alan Diez hard with Ricardo Gareca for defending Paolo Guerrero

The sports journalist Alan Ten He expressed feeling hurt by the statements of Ricardo Gareca on Paolo Guerrero’s birthday party, stating that they should let ‘the people make their lives’, despite the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. The host of RPP’s ‘Fútbol como Cancha’ clarified “Peru has its rules to respect.

“Profe with the respect and admiration you have for him. Argentina is Argentina and Peru is Peru. Argentina has its rules and Peru has its rules, it’s that simple, that we do not respect them is because the Peruvian is so disrespectful; but there are rules ”, the press man pointed out.

Alan Ten expressed feeling affected when the ‘Tiger’ cited as an example a march that took place in Argentina. There are rules here in Peru that many people respect and others do not, it is everyone’s problem; But we don’t have a health system like Argentina’s, we have a precarious system here in Peru”, commented.


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