Erik Rubín speaks out on separation from 22-year marriage to Andrea Legarreta

The couple was married for 22 years and, through their social networks, shared that they would take different paths

After Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta announced their separation after 22 years of marriage and the host of Hoy broke down in tears during the Televisa morning show, now the former Timbiriche singer spoke for the first time about it.

The singer was questioned about the delicate subject during a meeting with the media at an airport.

“There is nothing more to say. Look, I think it is very clear what is in the statement and, what else should I say,” he began.

At the reporters’ insistence, the singer remarked that this news was not a novelty for the family’s youngest members and said that Mía and Nina Rubín were already aware of the situation.

“The truth is something we have been talking about with them for a long time, and we are calm,” he said.

The singer is currently 17 years old (Photo: (Photo: Infobae México / Jesús Aviles)
The singer is currently 17 years old (Photo: (Photo: Infobae México / Jesús Aviles)

The celebrity asked for empathy towards his situation since he was vulnerable.

“Thank you, but what can I say? It is a complicated and painful moment, and I ask for respect. Put yourselves in our shoes, and the last thing I want right now is to talk about it and go deeper,” he added.

Erik clarified that his breakup with the showbiz host was not for negative reasons.

“There is nothing behind it. There is nothing dark. Fortunately, we are dealing with it positively. I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” he concluded.

What Andrea Legarreta said during “Hoy”

On the broadcast of February 23, Andrea Legarreta appeared as usual before the cameras of Hoy. Still, unlike other occasions, the morning show team talked about the recent announcement of the separation between the artist and Erik Rubín.

Legarreta could not hold back her tears and said some emotional words in front of Televisa’s cameras.

“I don’t want to make a drama out of this because there are very strong situations that several people in the world are going through. Finally, everyone has their own pain, and I don’t consider it a tragedy. It was a strong decision because when you love someone so much…. maybe it would be easier after a fight or a disappointment, but here it is not like that”, she commented.


The presenter was grateful for all the years she could share with Rubín and praised the family she formed by his side.

“We couples fall in love and unite, longing for it to be for life. We are very fortunate and say it from the bottom of our hearts. We both wrote this text from our hearts. We are very fortunate and happy to have found each other, to have a beautiful life together, because it has been so, and it will continue to be so (…) we formed a beautiful family much better than we dreamed,” she said.

In addition, despite the difficult moment those involved are going through, Andrea did not miss the opportunity to recommend to the public not to stop believing in love.

(Photo Instagram: @andrealegarreta)
Andrea Legarreta and Dwayne Johnson: Photo Instagram: @andrealegarreta

“I ask them to keep believing because love is beautiful, it is what moves us, and there is no unlove. Yesterday Erik and I, together, before sending this message to the people, lit a candle, hugged each other, and cried a lot. It is very strong when someone loves each other to decide that, but we thought it could be that way. You will continue to see us together, we love each other, but sometimes as a couple, you lose certain things,” she concluded.

Tears from Galilea Montijo and other members of Hoy were not long in coming. They also showered Legarreta with many words of support.