Erika De La Vega: Peace after divorce, depression and failure

Erika De La Vega.

Photo: Erika De La Vega / Courtesy

After 20 years of success, power, and being the queen of the media, Erika de la Vega had to surf almost anonymity, discover that the only thing she knew how to do no longer made her happy, exile, failure with the name of ‘reinventing herself’ and a consensual divorce, but not in the plans.

In a exclusive interview with his friend, Raúl González for ‘Wake up America on Sunday’, Erika de la Vegawho today is in charge of his successful podcast, and one of the pioneers in this type of format, ‘In Self Defense’, which she created to defend herself, spoke of the peace of mind that came after several storms.

Before, I identified myself with my profession… Today, after a few years searching for who I am, I can say that I am a curious, creative woman.“, Erika began by saying in a talk where, for the first time, she talks about her divorce.

Few, until Sunday’s interview, knew that there was ended his relationship with the media executive Jesus Torres, with whom he had almost 15 years of relationship, from which his only son, Matías Ignacio, 13 years old, was born.

It was a sought decision, and we agreed, but one is not prepared for that, it was a path of seeking a new identity, and bathing in gratitudewhich has helped me detach myself from my ex-husband, from my country…” De La Vega confessed to Raúl.

After searching, understanding that reinvention is not necessarily a failure, and that in any case a failure is not the end of the world, He took as a motto that he is not a black and white person, that he has colors and shades and he understood the phrase he read somewhere: “One never comes to life, one lives it”.

Erika assured on Univision’s morning show that today, having reached his goal of having peace of mind, having fun and enjoying himself, he dreams that his platform‘In Self Defense’, is not only a space for interviewing women, many of them or most of them, famous, but something more important.

I want to become that platform that makes visible the changes of women and their transformations, and I want to be useful for that mission“.



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