Érika Fernández sits down and in the forest shows off her little white lace

Pampering his fans again, Erika Fernandez showed that she still has the whole world at her feet, after appearing more beautiful than ever enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the forest in the middle of nature and with pure white lace.

And it is that the famous host of Fox Sports, it seems that she always finds a way to monopolize the spotlight on social networks, this time it was her great outfit that aroused more than looks from locals and strangers, who had the happiness and fortune to admire the delicate white garments.

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It was through his official Instagram account that Erika Fernandez shared with his fervent admirers a series of four photographs in which he demonstrates the passion he has for nature and every living being that surrounds it, for which he wanted to take a break in the geometric forest, a place located in Tepoztlán, in Morelos.

So the model with a Cuban mother and a Colombian father was surprised to be seen in front of the camera lens outside her cabin while sitting down wearing nothing more and nothing less than white lace, next to her dog.

This is how in less than a rooster sings, Fernández received more than 131 thousand ‘like’ reactions in the form of the well-known red hearts, which is the way in which likes are given on the famous social network of the camera

In addition, in comments, the followers of the influencer ended up declaring their love and in passing they thanked her for always surprising with beautiful postcards from the best places in Mexico.

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