Ernesto D’Alessio graduated in Legal Sciences and showed off his degree in networks

The singer and actor graduated from his professional career (Photo: Instagram / @ ernestodalessio)

Ernesto D’Alessio earned his bachelor’s degree in Legal sciences with specialty in National security. The actor published on his Instagram account the moment he received his role that endorses him as a professional after having successfully completed and finished said career.

Lupita D’Alessio’s son shared a series of photographs dressed with cap and gown, garments typical of a school graduation. The actor posed with his children and his wife Rosario Ruiz placeholder image. The postcards captured the moment when the certificate of university studies was delivered.

“Bachelor of Legal Sciences with emphasis on National Security”, was read in the description of the post on Instagram. In addition, Ernesto D’Alessio updated his biography on said social network and posted his new professional achievement.

Ernesto D'Alessio
Ernesto D’Alessio with his wife Rosario Ruiz (Photo: Instagram / @ ernestodalessio)

The also singer received compliments and congratulations from various celebrities. Lisardo Guarinos He commented: “You are very good, my beautiful boy. Congratulations”. Marichelo Puente, wife of his brother, Jorge D’AlessioHe added “Congratulations, cuñis! Your discipline, perseverance and desire are seen from heaven. I love you and admire you too much ”.

Even if Lupita D’Alessio He did not appear in the photographs he published of Ernesto D’Alessio, his mother also shared her happiness and wrote on Instagram: “Thank god for your life, Ernesto. Here my son, Ernesto Vargas Contreras received his law degree last night ”.

“I am very proud of you and I admire you even more. May God bless your life and your beautiful family, my beloved child, “wrote the singer to accompany a photo of Ernesto D’Alessio during the ceremony.

Ernesto D'Alessio
Although she could not be present, Lupita D’Alessio expressed her pride in social networks (Photo: Instagram / @ soylupitadalessio)

On the other hand, the now graduate wrote in his space of Twitter a biblical quote to immortalize the day he graduated. “This book of the law will not leave your mouthBut you will meditate on it day and night, so that you take care to do everything that is written in it; because then you will prosper your path and you will be successful, “he tweeted.

Ernesto D’Alessio finished his studies at the University Center of America (CUAM). The private school has several locations throughout Mexico, the actor went to the one located in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, where he currently resides. CUAM also offers other degrees, as well as baccalaureate, postgraduate and diploma.

According to the web portal of the educational complex, the career that the actor studied, Also known as Law, it has a duration of three years.

Ernesto D'Alessio
The tweet that Ernesto placed at his graduation (Photo: Twitter / @ ernestodalessio)

In recent years, while carrying out his professional studies, Ernesto D’Alessio continued his artistic development as a musical interpreter. He was recently seen participating with the show The cassette player, a Show dedicated to grupera music of yesteryear.

On the other hand, the singer added to the mother’s joy when she saw the Atlas be champion of Liga MX. On his Twitter account, Ernesto D’Alessio wrote next to the video of the final whistle of the meeting: “The Atlas, my mother’s team, the team of her loves, the club where she swam as a child and was a champion, Atlas is the champion of Mexico, the championship finally arrived ”.

Lupita D'Alessio
“The sleeping lioness” is a faithful follower of the Atlas (Photo: Instagram / @ soylupitadalessio)

After 70 years of drought, the red-black team managed to be crowned the winner. “The sleeping lioness” He did not hesitate to express his happiness to see his team with one more star on their shield. “The atlas, my lifelong team. Thanks god, after 70 years, yesterday they raised the glass. We are champions of Mexico. This is to show off, “he wrote for Instagram.

In that same post, her son Jorge D’Alessio was present. “Huge, mommy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing you champions. I know how much you wanted to live this moment, “he added.


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