Ernesto Laguardia shares an iconic photo with Thalía, Edith González, Erika Buenfil and other celebrities of the 90s

Ernest Laguardia The 62-year-old took out a jewel from the trunk of memories, it is a photo where the stars that marked the nineties on Televisa appear, causing great emotion among the public, since one of them left this world, while that others walked away from the industry.

The celebrities that appear in this photo are Thalía, Edith González, Erika Buenfil, Nailea Norvind, Raúl Araiza, Thalía and Sebastián Ligarde among others, so that photo was immediately filled with likes, in addition to comments of all kinds because they devastated on the small screen with his melodramas.

“A Generation of Stars and Unrivaled Talent! A photograph at the end of the 80’s that remained to be remembered, the 90’s were coming; new projects were coming and it was the golden age of soap operas. Not only in the photo, but in all their work they left us an exceptional legacy that will remain for generations in the artistic medium and in Telenovelas.

In addition, what is striking about the photo is that they are all dressed up, that is, the gentlemen with their very popular tuxedos at that time, while the actresses appear with very imposing black dresses, they were also cataloged as the next queens of the soap operas which they achieved.

“Wooooo tremendous generation of super talents. I love and admire you all”, “Happy day. How fabulous are the memories. Congratulations, kisses, blessings”, “A few teachers all sincerely … Great example that we should all emit, always look for our talents… Develop it and seek excellence”, write the social networks for the photo.

For those who do not know, Ernesto Laguardia has always been an icon of Mexican television, since he has not only made soap operas, but also other projects such as Fame Code, where the public loved him because of how he carried out said project with great human quality, in addition to how treated the little participants.

Nowadays he has been retired from melodramas, but he tries to be aware of his fans through Instagram, where he is seen to be very active, but above all very well in all aspects.

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