Ernesto Pimentel after surgery: “I want to play more with my son and be with my audience”

On January 6, Ernesto Pimentel underwent a hip transplant operation due to suffering from avascular necrosis. After the procedure, the actor has been recovering little by little and only hopes to walk again soon to play with his son and reconnect with his audience.

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The actor who gives life to the Chola Chabuca and hosts “El Reventonazo de la Chola” thanked the people who cared about him and said that he will optimistically take on the challenge of walking again.

“This procedure challenges me because it is a situation where I have to start walking again, but I am a person of faith, so I am certain that the steps I am going to take will lead me to my goal, which is to be better. play with my son more, return to the stage and be with my audience “said in a statement.

Likewise, Pimentel also referred to the surgical intervention to which he underwent and assured that it was one of the most complicated of his life; However, he said that “thank God” everything went well.

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“This was a hip transplant operation. They removed the head of the femur, to put a prosthesis and this will help me to walk; however, there is already a history of athletes and athletes. I have already undergone some operations, but this was one of the most complicated that I had to face, he specified.

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Although he has not yet returned with a new season, Pimentel celebrated that his program recorded with new sequences, “El reventonazo de la Chola”, ranked first along with “Once Machos”, both from América TV, registering 10.9 rating points last Saturday.

It was followed by “Los Milagros de la Rosa” with 8.8, while the Latina space, “Yo soy”, had 8 rating points and “JB en ATV” obtained 7.3.


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