Ernesto Pimentel underwent a hip transplant after eight years of suffering from a strange disease

Ernesto Pimentel he underwent a hip transplant this Thursday because he suffers from advanced necrosis, a strange disease that eats away at the bones in that area due to poor blood circulation.

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This health problem did not allow him to move well and he had to use a cane for more than 8 years. The comic actor entered the Ricardo Palma clinic at 5 am and he was quite optimistic about this surgery.

However, Pimentel stated that, of course, everyone is afraid of any operation, But he left everything in the hands of God and trusts that this procedure will be successful.

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It should be noted that the creator of the ‘Chola Chabuca’ He ruled out that his discomfort is due to the huge studs that his character uses.

“I love my character so much that I am not going to blame him for any of my discomforts. The doctor has told me that it is because I have poor blood circulation due to some blow that I suffered a long time ago “, clarified.


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