Erotic film by William Levy can be enjoyed on Netflix

William Levy is one of the leading men of the telenovelas of the moment. Now, his talent and sensuality can be appreciated through Netflix, as his erotic movie “Addicted” is already available on the streaming platform.

It should be noted that this is not the most recent film of the star of “Café con aroma de Mujer,” but it is the hottest and most addictive as its title, which also promises to raise the temperature of his fans.

Although we are in the middle of autumn, the heat has not gone away completely, and even more so when you discover “Addicted,” the erotic movie starring the handsome actor William Levy, which will bring out your most intense side.

The sensuality of William Levy on Netflix

It turns out that the hottest actor on the current scene, before giving life to Sebastian Vallejo, puts himself in the skin of a sexy painter in this tape, to which you will generate an addiction, as its title indicates, from the first moment.

We must make it clear that we are not before an Oscar tape, but it fulfills its task of hooking in the purest style of “Sex/Life,” one of the best erotic series on Netflix, with which it shares many similarities regarding the plot.

William Levy in “Addicted”

William Levy in “Addicted”

This production premiered almost eight years ago, and at the time, the performer was already showing off some killer abs. The story centers on Zoe, a successful woman at work, wife, and mother of two.

Suddenly, she feels that her sex life within the marriage is stagnant. What starts with secretly masturbating while watching porn ends with several infidelities to almost destroy her life because of her sex addiction.

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During an exhibition, she meets an artist brought to life by William Levy, and although she tries to avoid him at first, she ends up having a secret affair. He won’t be the only one, and it will make all your hidden senses start to awaken.

It’s worth noting that if you enjoyed ‘365 DNI. ’50 Shades of Grey’ or the fiction starring Adam Demos mentioned above, don’t miss it because it is one of the best erotic movies you will see on Netflix.