Eslabón Armado brings corridos tumbados to The Tonight Show after Peso Pluma’s solo debut

Eslabón Armado takes to The Tonight Show stage with fellow artist Gabito Ballesteros to perform their new single "La Fresa"

In April 2023, Mexican singer Peso Pluma made his debut appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he performed his hit song “Ella Baila Sola.” The song was originally recorded as a collaboration with the Mexican band Eslabón Armado, who were not invited to join Peso Pluma on the late-night show.

This caused controversy amongst fans, as Eslabón Armado’s frontman, Pedro Tovar, wrote and produced the track. Tovar stated publicly that he felt it was disrespectful for the group to be excluded from performing their own song on such a major platform.

Peso Pluma defended his decision, claiming he did not have any issues with the band and was just following the instructions of the show’s producers.

Eslabón Armado Performs on Fallon

On Wednesday, October 25, Eslabón Armado finally got their chance to grace the stage of The Tonight Show. Unlike Peso Pluma, the band made sure to bring fellow artist Gabito Ballesteros along to perform their new single “La Fresa.”

The group shared their excitement on social media leading up to the big performance, thanking God for the opportunity. On Instagram, they wrote:

“Mi gente, with the great news that this Wednesday, October 25 we will be on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon, as well as our compa @gabitoballesteros with us, thanks to God for this great opportunity.”

Eslabón Armado delivered an energetic performance of “La Fresa,” showcasing their signature blend of regional Mexican styles and modern pop. Jimmy Fallon joined the band on guitar and gabbed with them after the song.

Critical Reception

The reaction online after Eslabón Armado’s Fallon appearance was mixed.

Many fans congratulated the group and praised their performance:

  • “You really deserve it, guys.”
  • “A dream come true.”
  • “Congratulations on what you have achieved.”

However, some felt the band showed bitterness by accepting the invite after previously complaining about Peso Pluma:

  • “After your crying, you had to invite Pedro.”
  • “At last, after being envious because they invited PP, they were able to invite you.”
  • “Now you weren’t screaming mijo.”

On the other side, supporters defended Eslabón Armado’s decision to perform, noting it was the deserved recognition:

  • “They finally got theirs after Peso Pluma sang their hit song alone.”
  • “Whether Peso Pluma did it or just his handlers, it doesn’t matter. It’s still nice to see Eslabon here.”

What’s Next

The appearance on Jimmy Fallon will likely give Eslabón Armado’s new single “La Fresa” a boost in streams and downloads.

Gabito Ballesteros also gains increased exposure from the performance. As an up-and-coming artist in the corridos tumbados genre, this could be a career-defining opportunity.

It remains to be seen if the tension between Peso Pluma and Eslabón Armado will continue. Both acts have huge followings, and collaborations between them have proven successful.

Hopefully, artists’ egos can be put aside, as fans on both sides would undoubtedly welcome another joint single. For now, the bands are focused on promoting their own work, with Peso Pluma gearing up to release a new album.

The Tonight Show has showcased various Mexican music acts over the past year, like Grupo Firme and Christian Nodal. It’s a sign of regional Mexican’s growing crossover appeal in the US pop market. More appearances by Latin stars on shows like Fallon can be expected moving forward.

This high-profile appearance for Eslabón Armado on The Tonight Show adds to the continuing success story of the corridos tumbados genre. Both the band and Peso Pluma have helped bring the fusion style to new audiences globally. While the drama between the acts carries on, ultimately, the increased representation of Mexican music is a win.