Esmeralda Pimentel sighs posing in front of the mirror with a tiny bikini

Spectacular, that’s how it looked Emerald Pimentel in one of his most recent social media posts, where showed off how good her body looks in a tiny bikini with which, once again, he showed his figure without retouching.

The Mexican actress Esmeralda Pimentel is in Spain due to several projects, one of them is the series ‘Montecristo’ in which she will share credits with the Cuban actor William Levy; however, she recently took advantage of some free time to photograph herself in front of the mirror to show off her beauty and the curvaceous silhouette she hasprovoking the admiration of thousands of fans.

It was exactly through her official Instagram account, where the protagonist of ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ published a seductive photograph that she accompanied with the title “Acapulco Madrid“, in which, as rarely, appeared showing off her statuesque silhouette with a tiny set of wine-colored garments with which she showed her natural figure and incidentally shared some of the teachings he has obtained during his stay in the mother country.

And it is that, according to his publication, he has managed to understand that it is okay to do crazy things from love and from time to time you have to remain still and not make hasty decisions.

Love is not sought, it finds you! Truth and tenderness are the magic key that connects hearts. Trust, life helps us cleanse ourselves of what prevents our growth. Don’t hold on Something wonderful is coming! Dare to discover it“, wrote.

In addition, he revealed that there are people who might not seem to be close, but strange as it may seem, they are the ones who leave the most teachings in life.

“Those women that the system dictates should be my competition, They are the closest I want to have. They are the ones I admire the most and they teach me every day to honor and love myself.. Women are the compass, love is the way! We are Magic! Just decide to start watching it!” she pointed out.

The publication that accompanied this powerful message was well received by his fans, who qualified it with more than 130 thousand heart-shaped reactions, as well as a shower of messages in which some celebrities such as Aislinn Derbez they fell in love with her dazzling beauty.

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