Esteban Villegas is committed to improving health conditions in Durango

Durango.- The Alliance Candidate”It goes through Durango“to the state governor, Esteban Villegas Villarrealunveiled a important health projectbecause if he becomes governor, he assures that he will build a Maternal and Child Tower next to Hospital 450, since he seeks to have all the specialties in one place for the benefit of the population.

“How many specialists do it, it is better to be all together in one place and we already bring the project, we already bring how much it costs and we are going to start doing it quickly to be able to integrate all that team,” he said.

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He also explained that since the other hospital would be left alone, it would have the possibility of expanding the Cancer Centerthus generating a good project, “because you are the experts, because you are the ones who live it every day, because you are the ones who suffer if there is material or there is no material, if there is equipment or there is no equipment, if there is gasoline to leave or there is no gasoline, which I think today they don’t even give them per diems, and we are going to return that”.

Villegas Villarreal made a commitment on the subject of Healthand it is that it indicated that all staff will have job securityfor which they will look for a way to make it possible from the first day of their management.

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In general, the candidate affirmed that he will defend himself Health sector Y the services will be accessible and of quality for Duranguenses, in addition to guaranteeing 100 percent of medicines in all medical units, including vaccines, healing material and personal protective equipment.