Ester Expósito reappears with her leg in a cast after an accident in Mexico

Ester Exposito, the beautiful Spanish actress, announced that she had an accident in Mexico during the recording of a new project. As a result, the doctors immobilized her leg, a situation that worried all her fans, since Alex Speitzer’s ex-girlfriend has not given more details about what happened.

It was through a series of photographs that the 22-year-old model was even shown inside an ambulance, but did not say where she was, although some people deciphered that it is located in the Presa La Purísima, in Guanajuato , Mexico.

Although Ester generally generates millions of likes on her photos, this time she sparked concern about her current physical condition.

Ester Expósito remains silent after accident

The actress has not given details of what happened to her

It is still unknown what character she is playing in Mexico, so it is not ruled out that the accident was in the middle of a recording. All the details are unknown at this time, but it is believed that she could have had a serious injury.

“Beautiful rugged days,” wrote the actress on social networks.

Even some colleagues in the media have been concerned about the state of health of the Spanish actress and model, because although it does not seem like anything serious, it could affect her work.

Little is known about the mysterious project that has brought Expósito to Mexico, although it is said that it could be a new series for Netflix.

What operations did Ester Expósito undergo?

The actress defends that her beauty is natural

The influencer affirms that no retouching has been done on her face, although some point out that she underwent a bichectomy, since her face looks thinner, in addition to a bust lift, which would have benefited her physique.

Some versions suggest that Ester Expósito regrets having been in Elite because throughout the seasons, her changes would have been more notable.