Esther Acebo, actress of La casa de papel, announces that she is pregnant

Esther Acebo, Spanish actress who plays Monica Gaztanbide or “Stockholm” on The Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), announced that she is pregnant just hours before the premiere of the series’ final season on Netflix.

Acebo, 38-year-old from Madrid, surprised her fans with the striking announcement on the eve of the long-awaited end of the story that launched her to fame.

According to the Spanish media Antena 3, Acebo made the announcement through her Instagram account hours before posing her pregnant belly on the red carpet towards the final part of La Casa de Papel.

Who is Esther Acebo’s partner?

Esther Acebo and Alejandro Tous
Actor Alejandro Tous was Esther’s last known partner. Jaime Lorente, Esther’s partner in La Casa de Papel, became a father in November this year.

Very little is known about Esther Acebo’s private life, although a rumor emerged last summer that she had been related to fellow actor Alejandro Tous, due to the images of the two walking together on the streets of Madrid.

The identity of the father of her next son or daughter is still unknown, in case she have decided to have a baby. The actress who plays Stockholm keeps her personal life far away from the media, and nothing has ever leaked about her or her close circle.

Jaime Lorente is also a father

Jaime Lorente from La Casa de Papel
Jaime Lorente, Esther’s partner in La casa de Papel, became a father in November of this year.

The news of her pregnancy comes shortly after several Spanish media reported that Jaime Lorente, who plays Denver in La Casa de Papel, would have his first daughter in November this year.

According to various reports, Jaime Lorente is the father of a girl and there was even talk that the little girl would receive the name Amaia, although this information was never confirmed by the actor.

In Lorente’s case, the name of his daughter’s mother was not released either. The last thing that was known was that he had ended a relationship with his partner in The Money Heist, María Pedraza, but this was finished in early 2021.