Eternals Which Avengers hero knew about them?

Eternals is the new Marvel movie featuring a new team of superheroes known as the Eternals, who have been present for practically the entire history of Humanity, trying to interfere as little as possible in their development and trying to go completely unnoticed among mortals while protecting them from the Deviants.

It has been highlighted that there is one of the Avengers who knows at least one of these characters well, because during the film, it is one of the immortal beings who confesses to having been present for a long time in the life of one of these superheroes, before it entered the select group led by Tony Stark.

It turns out that while the team of protagonists is having lunch at Gilgamesh and Thena’s house, Kingo, the character played by Kumail Nanjiani, complains about the treatment he has received from Thor in recent years.

Which hero knew about the Eternals?

Which hero knew about the Eternals?

It seems that despite the fact that the hero affirms that when the God of Thunder was a child, the two were inseparable, the Eternal confesses: “Since he’s in the Avengers, he doesn’t even pick up the phone.”

It is not surprising that, if the Eternals acted as a kind of gods for the inhabitants of the Earth in ancient times, they came into contact with the gods of Asgard, since, as Kingo also points out, they came to collaborate on occasion with Odin.

With this subtle detail, the film raises several questions. On the one hand, it is not pointed out to what extent there is still a relationship between the Asgardians and the Eternals.

Doubts arise about this relationship

Although Kingo hints that not much, it is extremely rare that Thor would not have resorted to them in an extreme situation such as the events of Endgame.

It should be noted that Kingo works as an actor in Bollywood, which means that he is a public figure and that, therefore, Thor should have recognized him in one of his films despite the fact that they have not seen him for centuries.

It should be noted that he hopes then that the Eternals and the Avengers will cross their paths in future films of the MCU and some of these questions will almost certainly be answered.

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