Ethel Pozo: “I no longer hang out with Melissa because I don’t agree with her decisions”

Ethel Pozo made a stop in the vacations that he spends with his daughters and family in Colorado (United States), to refer to the subject of Melissa Paredes for his statements in ‘Women in command’ and commented that after his former driving partner gave his version on the program ‘América hoy’, they have not met again, because he does not support how things happened with the ‘activator dancer’ , Anthony Aranda.

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Ethel, happy new year. In your stories I see that you are enjoying the snow next to your daughters …

Yes, we are happy. I always come to the snow because my daughters have practiced this sport (skiing) since they were very little. I try to come every January, we really like snow and winter, those who know me know that this is the best time of year for me. In addition, my three-year-old niece has started practicing this sport for the first time and we are very happy.

Do you return this Monday with the program?

No, we’re all still on vacation.

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I suppose they already commented on the statements that Melissa gave for ‘Women in command’, because she said that she felt attacked in ‘America today’, that they did not give her the opportunity to give her version. Also, I know you guys have a friendship off set and I heard that she would be the godmother of your marriage to Julian Alexander. Have you talked?

Yes they have commented to me. The truth is, I think this is due to a labor issue. I imagine she is going to be on another show. Me to ‘Meli’, physically I have not seen her again since that day of the ampay images, because we used to see each other a lot but when that broke, one distanced oneself from friends. She and Rodrigo took another course and I have not seen her since. Yes, we have talked on WhatsApp, he has expressed to me how much he loves me and I imagine that the issue of support that he mentioned, because I am very far away, must be because Janet at the time asked the questions that the public wanted to hear and know. I supported her emotionally, beyond that I could not support her because I do not agree with how things turned out. I will never agree and I could not give her more support, because as I repeat last year we lived a time as a family, she with her husband, I with my boyfriend and our children, both in her house and in mine, but that already It is over and I have not seen it again. Anyway, I hope she did not refer to me because in the little that I was able to support her, which was emotionally, nothing more, because beyond that it was impossible, I was there and I just want to say that God is the one who judges us, we are not the one to do it , but the love is there.

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As humans we are wrong, I hope it goes well with Anthony and also with Rodrigo with Ale Ventura, because love is beautiful, when it is reciprocated and healthy.

It is difficult for me to comment on its current moment because we no longer frequent each other, but I do keep very beautiful moments of 2021, the four of us together with our children, as a family, on grills in my house and in yours.


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