Eugenio Derbez laments the death of Sammy Pérez: “He was a good soul”

Eugenio Derbez laments the death of Sammy Pérez: “He was a good soul”

Eugenio Derbez is also mourning the death of comedian Sammy Pérez.

Photo: Ángel Delgado / Reform Agency

This July 30, the world of entertainment is in mourning, because after fighting for a couple of weeks against Covid-19, Mexican actor and comedian, Sammy Pérez, died at the age of 55 due to a heart attack.

After the unfortunate news broke, many personalities began to demonstrate to dedicate words of encouragement to Sammy’s familybut everyone was waiting to hear what he had to say Eugenio Derbez about.

And it was in an interview for the program ‘Hoy’ where Eugenio shared his feelings after the death of his friend assuring that he is very sad, since their work together transcended a great friendship.

“For me he was a very special person. He wasn’t just a co-worker; He was a great, great, great friend. He always went to my parties, to my birthdays, to my meetings ”, he began by recounting.

In addition, he recalled a scene in which Sammy participated during the movie ‘No Returns’, where he was talking about death.

“Today in the morning my networking team was sending me a video of ‘No refunds accepted’ where precisely Sammy talks about death. It gave me a lot of sadness and joy at the same time because it is a beautiful scene. Sammy shone wherever they put him. He was a good soul. He was a being of light ”, he mentioned.

Derbez also posted a farewell message for Sammy on his social media where he did not stop praising the type of person he was:

“Sammy won the affection and admiration of the people with his great charisma. He taught us that you can always be happy no matter what. Sammy Pérez was no different. Sammy Pérez was one of us. Rest in Peace ”, says the post.

Just a few days ago it was announced that the comedian’s health was seriously impaired due to a fungus that colonized his lungs, he also presented kidney problems caused by the diabetes he suffered.

But eventually a cardiovascular arrest took his life.

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