Eugenio Derbez met a rat in the restaurant where he ate

Eugenio Derbez met a rat in the restaurant where he ate

Eugenio Derbez’s reaction to noticing the presence of a mouse in the restaurant where he ate.

Photo: JC Olivera / Getty Images

Tremendous surprise took Eugenio Derbez last weekend when he was eating in a restaurant apparently from the US, perhaps in Los Angeles, which is where he resides, well a mouse hovered very close to him.

Upon realizing the presence of the rat, the actor probably lost the desire to continue eating, as he better decided to hurry to take out his phone to capture on video the unpleasant encounter he had with the animal.

“I had an unexpected dinner guest”revealed on Instagram.

As is Eugenio’s custom of taking these types of events with a lot of humor, during his recording he mentions: “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”, referring rodent and then shows that, although he went alone to the place, “someone” else came to keep him company.

Between jokes, the users of the platform assured that the mouse he had a special resemblance to the protagonist of the film “Ratatouille”, since in the Disney story the rodent is a cook who later becomes the head chef of a French restaurant.

Derbez is currently on multiple projects. He recently shared through his social networks that his new series called “Acapulco”.

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