Eugenio Derbez would have defrauded the port of Acapulco

Eugenio Derbez would have defrauded the port of Acapulco

One of the places that has been favored by Hispanic stars is undoubtedly the Bay of Acapulco in Mexico, but in this time its inhabitants are upset after it was announced that a statue of Eugenio Derbez will be unveiled in the Golden Zone. The residents of the place have stated that the actor disappointed them, because a few years ago he promised to donate a million dollars to the tourist city.

In an interview for the magazine TV Notes, A source assured that the actor promised in 2013 to give part of the profits from ‘No returns accepted’ to the victims of the hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel, which hit Acapulco that same year, however, so far it is unknown where those revenues were.

According to the source, the state government wants to thank Derbez for his support, his contribution and the promotion of the port in the world, this with the 2013 film starring Loreto Peralta and with the recent Acapulco series, which premiered October 8, 2021 on Apple TV.

The interviewee assured that the protagonist of La Familia P. Luche is not helping the port, on the contrary, he is filling “his pockets, because everything he has done here has been because there has been government money involved,” he said. .

During the conversation, he indicated that to film “No refunds accepted”, the government at that time and the State Secretariat of Tourism paid him a lot of money to shoot the film in Acapulco, however, they never revealed how much.

Subsequently, When the film was released, Eugenio assured that he would donate the entire box office of Mexico and the United States to the victims of the hurricanes. The figure would be one million dollars, but, according to the source, that money was never given, neither to the government nor to the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, he recalled that another reason why Acapulqueños are upset is because it would be for Apple tv It was not recorded at the port despite bearing his name. The filming of this production was done in Puerto Vallarta, so people are also showing their discontent.

Finally, the statue of Eugenio Derbez will be revealed on October 15 at the Club Deportivo subdivision, in the Golden Zone of Acapulco, Guerrero. Javier Taja Ramírez, head of the Commission for Highway and Airport Infrastructure of the Government of the State of Guerrero (CICAEG), was in charge of unveiling it.