Euphoria returns with a second season and a more intense and explosive Zendaya

Madrid. With more explosive climbs and deeper drops. Thus comes the second season of the controversial and successful American series Euphoria (winner of three Emmy Awards), which returns to HBO Max loaded with explicit sex, violence, drugs and intensity.

Also “of empathy and redemption” towards its protagonist, Rue, according to Zendaya (protagonist of the fiction) told in a digital meeting with various media in which Efe participated. To this idea, the actress said, It’s what he’s clinging to to be able to play such a tough character.

“That feeling of hope, of empathy, of redemption, always comes to mind when I become Rue”, feeling that whatever happens to her happens “she will be fine”, she said about the character that made her the Youngest actress to win an Emmy Award for Best Performance, at just 24 years old.

The HBO Max platform begins the eight new episodes of a series that when it premiered in 2019 did not leave indifferent those who looked at this story created and written by Sam Levinson, based on the Israeli series of the same name, which was created in turn by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin.

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Lots of sex, drugs everywhere, scenes of violence and a questioned behavior of a group of young people in an American institute, each one with their personal and family dramas, their complexes, doubts and strengths. And this new season will continue in this direction, with a rampant and lost Rue, who tries to find a way to salvation.

“It is not an easy season, it is by no means easy to see. This season is one of very high heights and very deep falls. Some things are really funny and hilarious, but there are also things that are tremendously distressing, ”Zendaya warned.

This season starts with Rue again on the wheel of addictions, about to meet again with her great love Jules (Hunter Schafer) and with the appearance of a new character in her life, played by the singer Dominic Fike, one of the signings of this season.

And it is late, well filming was interrupted numerous times by the pandemic. Far from hurting him, both Zendaya and Hunter Schafer, also present at the meeting with the media, appreciated having had this time to digest the pressure.

“When you do something that is so good, you want to win yourself and that at some point can inhibit you from doing it, so I’m glad we had that time,” said model and actress Schafer, who has become quite a LGTBI + community icon.

Between one season and another, two special episodes were shot and broadcast a year ago that also served as “preparation” to continue the story, and to let go of the pressure generated by the phenomenon, explains Schafer.

Zendaya added: “The time outside allowed us to feel a bit outside of this and then to feel like we were going inside again.” And time has also served him to realize that Euphoria goes far beyond scandal.

“Rather, it is a story that tells someone who is suffering to feel less alone in their experience, in their pain, in their darkness. You are not the only person who is dealing with it, “said the actress. “The most beautiful thing that has happened to me in this time is all the people who have shared with me their travels as survivors,” he added.

And, drugs aside, Rue faces “internal pain and internal darkness”, which is perhaps “the most painful type of pain”, the anguish of not finding anything to take away that pain.

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That is why this season, Zendaya said, will put “human empathy to the test very much.” “If we love and care for Rue, if we can bump into her darkest spots, see her hit rock bottom, and still love her, remember that it is a human being who is suffering from a disease and of things that she cannot always control or does not have the tools to do so, we can extend that to people in real life and have the same empathy for people who fight addiction in the real world, “he said.

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