Eva Cedeño stars in the telenovela ‘Amor dividido’ on Televisa and Univision and that’s how her character is

Eva Cedeno continues his streak of success now as the protagonist of “divided love” on Televisa and Univision. The actress has been in telenovelas such as “Qué Le Pasa a Mi Familia” and “Te Doy La Vida” and in this new production she shares credits with Gabriel Soto.

The actress plays the character of Abril Moreno, a country woman, proud of her roots and culture. Committed to her values ​​and love of family. Despite her lack of studies, her intuition and intelligence get her ahead. Simple, charismatic, hard-working and supportive.

In “Divided Love” tells the story of April (Cedeño), and Max (Soto), two people who have nothing in common: she is very Latin and he is very “gringo”. For Abril, family is her priority, while for Max, success in the corporate world is the most important thing. She loves living in her town and working in the fields. He, despite being half Mexican, has completely forgotten his roots and is happy living in a first world country. It would be difficult for two such different people to fall in love.

However, for different reasons, both are forced to live in Mexico City and their lives begin to change radically until they are united in the midst of loneliness and disappointment caused by the abandonment of their partners.

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