Evaluna and Camilo show off their first sofa and tell them to stop being poor

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner They have published that they bought the first sofa for their house. In the images, the beautiful couple is seen showing their new acquisition that they wear in the living room of the home where Indigo, the baby they are expecting, will soon arrive.

Despite the happiness they show in their post and that many of their fans share, there were several comments from some people who told them, among other things, that they should stop playing poor. “We have a sofa. Our first sofa”, was the message that Camilo posted with the photo gallery.

“Why do they make themselves poor?”

“How could they not have a sofa?”

“If they can’t buy a sofa, imagine us poor people.”

They even made some funny comments: “Camilo, if Montaner keeps your earnings, blink twice.”

Furthermore, the same Ricardo Montaner commented on a red heart in that post.

So far, the publication in which they announced the purchase of their first sofa has more than 2 million likes and hundreds of comments from people who are also happy about the achievements of the couple who will soon be able to hold Indigo in their arms.

Some days ago Evaluna reported that she suffered a fall and in the video she published you can see the injury she sustained on one of her knees. Camilo was in charge of curing her.

This situation aroused the concern of hundreds of her followers who wanted to know what state of health she and Indigo were in. without further details, The only thing Evaluna commented on was that Camilo took care of her. And in the photographs where they show off their new sofa, the wound that Evaluna made to her knee is seen a little more. The area is a little red and looks scratched.

Given this fact Ricardo Montaner commented “Evaluna” on the publication and several of the followers felt that the singer’s father was scolding her.

Other celebrities who reacted were Natti Natasha, who commented: “get well soon, take good care of yourself”, while Carolina Sandoval left her a big red heart like Guaynaa, Lele Pons‘s boyfriend.

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