Evaluna Montaner is pregnant and without clothes on Instagram

Eva Luna left more than one with their mouths open by sharing a new and sensual photography in your account Instagram, in which she boasts with pride and without any shame her advanced pregnancy. However, the detail that caught her attention is that she posed totally naked in front of the camera lens, thus giving such an adorable image a spicy touch.

The black and white image allows us to see the daughter of Ricardo Montaner showing herself totally naked, this in order that you can better appreciate your pregnant belly. Of course, she covered her breasts with her hands to avoid showing more.

Ricardo Montaner’s daughter took off her clothes to show off her pregnancy. The couple decided to unite their lives in marriage after five years of courtship.

It should be noted that this sexy postcard is part of an album of images that has been taken so far in January 2022. A clip has also been included that shows the baby moving inside her stomach, which has touched all her fans. , Who looking forward to the moment of her debut as a mother.

Ready to welcome Indigo

This nude comes a day after the couple revealed how they will care for their firstborn in a recent episode of the Amazon Music podcast En La Sala. According to statements by the interpreter of ‘Expensive Clothes’, he will be in charge of cleaning the baby when he pees while the mother will be the one in charge of cleaning “the poop”.

For its part, Evaluate Montaner pointed out: “I think that when she wakes up at night, obviously if she wakes up from hunger I will have to take care of it myself, but in the mornings you can take care of being there and I can sleep a little more because surely at night I am going to wake up many times to feed him”.

Finally, Camilo pointed out that they will do a great teamwork, this in order to give the best care to the baby. Likewise, he made it clear that he does not plan to neglect his work as an artist or take time away from himself or his wife’s spirituality.

How long have Camilo and Evaluna been?

The couple decided to unite their lives in marriage after five years of courtship.

AmericanPost.News I told you before that Camilo and Evaluna have had a beautiful love story. Let us remember that they They met in 2014 and the following year they confirmed their romance. In 2018 she asked him to be his wife and two years later, on February 20, 2020 to be exact, they united her life in marriage. Today they are expecting their first child.

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