Evaluna shows off her five-month-pregnant belly

Singer Eva Luna show off how big your tummy five months pregnant and shares her happiness with her millions of followers.

The also actress Evaluna Montaner and her husband Camilo Echeverry are living a dream moment thanks to their pregnancy.

The proud future dads have not stopped sharing the process of their pregnancy and even revealed their baby’s name with their millions of followers.

Evaluna pregnant

Evaluna Montaner is expecting her first baby The couple announced their pregnancy with the launch of a musical theme

Through her Instagram account, the actress also shared some stories where she showed her belly, which looks bigger.

The daughter of singer Ricardo Montaner is five months pregnant and her tummy looks fantastic.

On The Truth News We tell you that this video that Evaluna uploaded drove all her followers crazy, who are eager to meet the new member of the Montaner family.

Evaluna and Camilo

The couple announced their pregnancy with the release of a musical theme

Camilo and Evaluna announced that they will become parents, with the launch of a song and music video which bears the name of ‘Indigo’, as the name that their baby will bear.

New parents do not want to know the baby’s gender until it is born, so they chose a genderless name for the child. Indigo’s birth is believed to occur between March and April 2022.

The followers of the couple are very attentive to the new news of the couple and showed their emotion now that Evaluna shows off her tummy.

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