Evelyn Beltrán expresses how much she misses Toni Costa while he stays in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Evelyn Beltrán has not stopped missing Toni Costa and she lets it be known on her Instagram account. The Mexican on this occasion dedicated an emotional text to her boyfriend, who is currently in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the Telemundo reality show, accompanied by a video in which they are inside the car touring the city of Miami in the night.

“Missing the nights where we grabbed the car at dawn listening to our favorite songs and driving for hours in the city of Miami. I really miss your company from day to day, I really miss those long conversations where we talked about everything and even nothing. I miss every morning when my phone rang to wake me up, and every night when you were the last person I spoke to. There is how I miss you Antonio. But hey, you keep on giving it a lot of desire that here we support you as always, my love”, was the message that the Mexican wrote accompanied by the song ‘Aquel Nap’ by the Puerto Rican interpreter Rauw Alejandro.

This post by Evelyn Beltrán has more than 1,592 likes and several comments from people who support the relationship between her and Costa: “#The time passes quickly as Alaia says. Soon they will be together. True love overcomes everything. They will soon be together. God bless you both”, “There is less to go, although you are far away, they are united in soul. God continue to bless their union” and “I love this couple, every day you show Tony a lot of love, may this beautiful relationship be eternal” are some of the messages that can be read.

During the first week of the reality show Costa was at risk of being eliminated, however the celebrity who finally left the house was Mayeli Alonso.

In the publications that Beltrán dedicates to Costa, Adamari López’s ex, his followers constantly express their support for their relationship. When the Spanish dancer and choreographer was about to enter ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ He said goodbye to his loved ones with a message on his Instagram account, and of course there was a special mention for Beltrán:

“It will not be easy to be without my daughter @alaia, she is my life and my reason for being every day, not knowing about her, not seeing her, not hugging her, not playing with her, not taking her to school or doing with her. her all her activities as usual, as well as my family who encourage me from Spain, my friends who are always there and my girlfriend @evelynbeltranoficial, they are a great support for me, they are there unconditionally and I am going to miss them so much but so much too, thank you my love for so much, thank you from my heart, I am going to miss each of the things we have, each feeling and each emotion that you provoke me, I will keep you and all the people I love in mind at all times.

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